Brannew of One Piece

Brannew is a flotilla admiral and conference chief of naval headquarters. He assesses the seriousness of pirates’ crimes and determines the amount of bounties.


Brannew is a tall, slender man. He wears a special white navy uniform, which is striped light blue-blue diagonally. On his shoulders are the typical Epaulette. Furthermore he wears pink trousers and shoes, which have the same pattern as his uniform. It is noticeable that he does not wear a tie, unlike most of his colleagues, but has unbuttoned his uniform a bit. He also wears black sunglasses, his high forehead is particularly distinctive and noticeable on his face. His hair is green and curly, he also wears sideburns, which have a hook shape and taper towards his nose.

After the time jump he has exchanged his striped shirt for a black one with a light blue circle pattern. Over his shoulders he now wears a white coat like any high officer. In addition, he now has an earring on his left ear.


Brannew always seems to want to play it safe. Thus, he gave Monkey D. Luffy the highest bounty in the East Blue, only to have him quickly jailed and that potential danger eradicated. Basically, he takes his duties very seriously, so after the Battle of Marine Ford, he immediately sought out Sengoku to bring him up to speed.

Skills and strength

Since he held the rank of corvette captain and has now risen to flotilla admiral, one can assume a certain level of combat strength. Brannew is, like most marines, a swordsman. He is among the 100,000 elite soldiers of the navy who have been called up to fight Whitebeard. This fact is a testament to his strength, and he also seems to have great authority despite his relatively low rank. Thus, it is his decision how high the bounty of criminals is finally set. Moreover, it was he who reported on the conditions in Impel Down after the battle of Marine Ford Sengoku. He also frequently holds meetings of senior officers.


First bounty session of Monkey D. Luffy

Brannew determines the sum

Brannew presided over Monkey D. Luffy’s bounty meeting at naval headquarters. Present were several officers who deliberated on Luffy’s actions. Brannew then proposed a bounty of 30,000,000, to which all officers present agreed. Luffy’s first bounty was then published within a very short time with wanted posters all over the world.

Fight against Whitebeard

Brannew reports Sengoku the location of the Impel Down

Brannew was among the 100,000 elite soldiers stationed at Marine Ford for the battle against Whitebeard’s fleet on the day of Portgas D. Ace’s execution. In the course of the battle, Brannew, a swordsman, observed the appearance of the gigantic Little Oars Jr. on the battlefield.

After the big fight, Brannew reported to Sengoku that Magellan was near death and was being cared for by her medical squad. He also reported that Blackbeard had the Level 6 prisoners fight each other in the Impel Down and took the four survivors into his gang. Furthermore, he said that apparently more inmates escaped, but the World Government wanted to cover it up. Sengoku then yelled at him about what was going on.

Second bounty session of Monkey D. Luffy

Brannew throws all the known facts into the balance

A few weeks after the Great Event, during the time when the Navy Headquarters was in need of complete repair, another bounty meeting was held. In it, among other things, Luffy’s deeds of recent days – the almost successful rescue of his brother Ace and the attack on the navy headquarters together with Silvers Rayleigh and Jinbe, in which he rang a bell 16 times for reasons incomprehensible to the navy – were mentioned, which were to be included in his bounty. The latter was considered by Brannew to be a declaration of war. Also included was the fact that he was the son of the world’s most wanted criminal, the revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon. The final sum was eventually 400 million berry.

News about the Seven Samurai

Brannew talks about the Seven Samurai

Two years later, Brannew held another meeting about The Seven Warlords of the Seas at the new naval headquarters. He first listed all the current titleholders, excluding one he had spoken about before, before bringing up the news of Donquixote Doflamingo’s retirement and Trafalgar Law’s alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates. In doing so, he said that they couldn’t sit around quietly in the process, but was interrupted by Grand Admiral Sakazuki, who had already dispatched Fujitora.

The threatening alliance of two emperors

After the Samurai of the Seas system was abolished as a result of the Levely, Brannew and Sengoku held a conference regarding an impending alliance between Big Mom and Kaidou in front of several marines. The former Grand Admiral enlightened those present about the Rocks Pirates, which included these very two emperors at one time, and their captain Rocks D. Xebec. Brannew then continued by revealing the bounties of the Emperors, including the late Edward Newgates, as well as Gol D. Roger. The conference was interrupted when Sakazuki entered the room with the comment that Wano Country would be left alone, as they were simply short of men.


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