Braham of One Piece

Braham is a leader of the Shandia and thus one of the best warriors of his village.


Sketches by Braham

Braham is a tall, muscular, middle-aged man. On his head he wears an elongated cap, which covers his eyes, his hair, if he still has any, and the upper part of his ears. He also wears a green jacket, which is always open and lined with fur on the inside. On the left sleeve is a yellow symbol. Around his waist he wears a long orange and red band, which he uses as a belt. Underneath he wears a short skirt made of light brown leaves, which is typical of the Shandia. He still wears white skirt pants that hang airily around his legs. On his feet he wears skatewaver in battle. Otherwise he is barefoot. Like all inhabitants of Sky Island, he has wings on his back.


Braham is a calm and thoughtful warrior, but shows no mercy in battle. He is a determined man, attached to his convictions, but he also shows a friendly side towards his tribe members.

Skills and strength

Braham in fight with Zoro

In the fight with Zoro Braham proved his skills and showed why he is one of the leaders of the Shandia warriors. He used his Skate-Wavers very purposefully and cleverly and was able to surprise Zoro a few times with well thought-out riding maneuvers. He also used Milky-Dials to create new riding paths for himself. While driving, he used his double-barreled flash pistols to blind his opponent, making the chance of a hit extremely high.



As a child, Braham – like every other young Shandia – listened to the chief’s stories. He learned much about the Golden City of Shandora and the Great Kalgara.

Negotiations with Gan Fall

Braham in negotiations.

Gan Fall, since he was God in Skypiea, wanted to end the war between the Shandia and the Celestials. Therefore, he came to the Shandia village and offered to return parts of the Upper Yard for peace and wanted to make amends. However, Wyper refused, as he wanted the entire Upper Yard. During the conversation, he became more and more irritated. Finally, after Gan Fall mentioned that he liked drinking pumpkin juice, Wyper finally lost his temper and started a brawl. Even Braham and Mantis together couldn’t stop him. But Gan Fall didn’t give up and tried a few more times. But one day Enel took over the rule of Skypiea. Since then, peace was no longer to be thought of and the fights began again.


The meeting

Shandia’s review.

In the Shandia village, Braham, along with Laki, Genbo, and Mantis, attended a meeting of Wyper. Laki told of the incident on Angel Island. She also had information about Gan Fall’s attack on the Upper Yard. However, when Laki expressed her own opinion that Gan Fall might support her, she only received a sharp criticism from Wyper. The latter dubbed Gan Fall as an enemy of Shandia. If Laki wanted to support the latter, she would also be an enemy. When Wyper ended the meeting a little later, Aisa burst into the tent, plagued by her mantra. She told them that a priest had been defeated. This Wyper saw as an opportunity for the Shandia, whereupon the entire tribe set out to attack the Upper Yard.

The first attack on the Upper Yard

The Shandia are leaving.

The Shandia rode skate-wavers across the Snow White Sea. Their destination was the God’s House, which they planned to raze to the ground under Kalgara’s protection. Wyper gave Braham, Laki, Genbo, and Mantis orders to complete their missions. He fired the bazooka at the Upper Yard, whereupon the Shandia split up. The priests quickly noticed their charging attack and prepared to defend themselves.

In the Upper Yard, Braham fought with other Shandia against the priests. The fight between the two parties was fierce and many Shandia went down injured. However, despite these losses, the Shandia continued to fight and did not retreat. However, when Mantis was also wounded, Wyper made the Shandia retreat.

A bag full of Vearth

After they left the Upper Yard and regrouped on a deserted island, Wyper spoke to Laki. She had gotten distracted, which was why Mantis had been injured. The argument was suddenly ended by Mantis grabbing Wyper’s arm. He assured Wyper that he could still fight. They shouldn’t be fighting over a bag of Vearth when they should be focusing on Enel. After that, they decided to attack again the next day.

The next day, Aisa’s bag was on the floor and all the Vearth was scattered. Laki wanted to confront Wyper, but was held back by Braham. Meanwhile, Wyper swore his warriors in for the upcoming battle. He would only take those who were also willing to leave their wounded comrades behind. His goal that day was to cut off Enel’s head with his own hands. Braham set off with the Shandia warriors to storm the Upper Yard.

Testing the cords

No sooner had the Shandia entered the Upper Yard than they were caught in the test of the cords of the priest Shura. The Shandia warriors were trapped in midair by invisible clouds of cords and could not move. Only Wyper had not fallen into the trap and defeated Shura. Shortly after, the Shandia warriors split up again so as not to fall into such a trap again.

Braham vs Zoro

Braham is defeated.

Shortly after Braham finished off a Divine Soldiers begging for mercy, he encountered Roronoa Zoro. Zoro wasn’t interested in a fight with Braham at first, but he immediately opened fire anyway. Zoro just managed to dodge it. After a brief altercation, the two opponents faced off, acknowledging the strength of their counterparts. A fierce battle broke out, which the Straw Hat could win with a flying sword slash, the Slash 36 Sense Phoenix. Zoro apologized to the Shandia, for he really had nothing against him, but he did not like to be killed.

Life after the war

Reconciliation of the adversaries.

After Enel and his priests were defeated, the warriors of Shandia gathered. They decided to leave the injured Wyper with the Straw Hats and Aisa. Instead, they were going to abandon the priests on the clouds. They were going to use that punishment known as cloud drifting in Enel’s reign.

In the evening he celebrated together with everyone else at the huge party. He even drank with Zoro, his tormentor, and rejoiced at the end of the war.

The Shandia are taking a break.

While the Straw Hat Pirates departed, in the ruined village of Shandia Wyper sat with Mantis, Genbo, and Braham before the statue of Kalgara. He told them the war was over, and he hoped Kalgara’s friend had heard the bell, so his wish had come true. He vowed never to let Shandora’s light go out again.

Later, long after the Straw Hat Pirates had departed, he and the Shandia warriors were seen slowly making the forest habitable.

Two years later, Braham is once again seen in a cover story. He is now a member of the Divine Guard of Skypiea, along with Mantis, Genbo, and Wyper.


  • His favorite dish is Sky Shark Jerky (dried meat made from sky shark meat).

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