Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are people who make their living arresting or killing pirates with a bounty on their heads. However, they are not part of the navy and that’s why most of them don’t do it for justice, but just for the money.


Many of the bounty hunters appearing in One Piece – like many pirates – have an epithet. For example, Zoro became known as the“Pirate Hunter“, though he never stated that he only hunted pirates, let alone was a bounty hunter.This information comes from an anime filler.

The epithet may derive from the guns, as in “50 Gun Daddy.”
This information comes from One Piece Movie 4

However, it can also be derived from the bounty hunter’s success rate, as with Shuraiya Bascúd the“Pirate Killer„.

Motives and termination of bounty hunting

Brave bounty hunters inspire Johnny

Numerous bounty hunters perform this activity solely to afford a decent meal. They are often forced to collect the bounty for a pirate due to lack of Berry. Also, like Daz Bonez back in the day, the “fun factor” is a motive.This information comes from an anime filler.

However, Johnny told that as a child he had experienced bounty hunters who did this to protect the common people from criminals. Following the example of those, Johnny and Yosaku also stood up for a village and fought against Dick. Family reasons often play a role as well. Daddy Masterson became a bounty hunter so he wouldn’t put his life on the line as easily as he did in the Navy to be there for his daughter Carol. Scorpion started so his kids would be proud of him, but he also quit because of them, just as Shuraiya Bascúd quit for his sister.

Daz Bonez ended his career as the best bounty hunter in the West Blues only to see what rank he would have in the Baroque Works.

Strengths and Abilities

As a “pirate hunter”, Zoro was notorious in East Blue.

As a rule, bounty hunters have a certain strength to stand against the enemy pirates. For example, former bounty hunter Daz Bonez of a devil fruit is powerful and very strong.This information comes from an anime filler.

Another example is Daddy Masterson. He doesn’t have the ability of a Devil Fruit, but he was able to make a name for himself in the East Blue with the help of his excellent shooting skills and his 50 pistols.

Exceptional cases in terms of fighting strength are Johnny and Yosaku. The two “brothers” are mediocre swordsmen, and therefore they only look out for pirates with smaller bounties. However, great courage distinguishes the two, so they faced the fish people of the Arlong gang, which they knew they had almost no chance. Often, entire associations are founded that specialize in bounty hunting, in order to fight with the many members against several and stronger pirates.

Individual Bounty Hunters

NameStatusWeapon/Devil Fruit
Abdullahinactivetwo tridents
Jeetinactivetwo sabers
Daddy MastersonactivePistols
Daz BonezinactiveIron Blade Fruit
Jean Angoactivethrowable weapons
Roronoa ZoroinactiveSwords
Shuraiya BascúdinactiveSword and
unarmed combat


Accino Family

This information comes from an anime filler.

This bounty hunter group had set up store in the Ice Road. There, they were able to lure in unsuspecting pirates using the trick of positioning dozens of dummy naval ships around the pirate ship. Thus, the Phoenix pirates were also defeated and from then on they had to work for the family. The head of the family is Don Accino, who possesses the devilish power of the Heat-Heat Fruit. The other members also exhibit amazing powers. When the Straw Hat Pirates freed the Phoenix Pirates and defeated the Accino Family, the bounty hunters fled their realm of Lovely Land.

Baroque Works

The Baroque Company was a criminal organization founded by Crocodile. Generally, only the Millions and the Billions acted as bounty hunters, though occasionally the Officer Agents would fight pirates with a high bounty. Although the Baroque Company had other main objectives, it still had a reputation as an organization consisting only of bounty hunters. Whisky Peak, for example, was full of those to get pirates drunk at a party there and then turn them over to the Navy.
This information comes from the special episodes of One Piece – Stampede.

Cidre Guild

Concept Type of Members.

The Cidre Guild is a gang of bounty hunters who fight with carbonic acid. The soldiers carry barrels of carbonic acid on their backs, which they can fire using pressure from a cannon. They use hippos, which are also equipped with carbonic acid barrels, as their means of transportation. The Guild attacked the Straw Hat Pirates on the open sea, forcing them to flee in a coup de bust. Because this depleted their entire supply of cola, the gang docked at the next island, where Luffy again encountered the Cidre Guild, however.

Coffee Monkeys

The Coffee Monkeys are a gang of human traffickers active in the Sabaody Archipelago. They were the ones who had snatched a giant and were going to sell him at Disko’s auction.

Rosy-Life Riders

Just like many groups on the Sabaody Archipelago, the Rosy-Life Riders were involved in human trafficking. In doing so, they also cooperated with the Makro Gang and helped them kidnap Hatchan. In doing so, they hoped to lure the big catch, namely the mermaid Camie. The number of members is widely unknown, but it is believed to be at least 23. Due to the resemblance at the time between leader Duval and the failed drawing of Sanji on his wanted poster, Duval had been forced to wear an iron mask to avoid a major confrontation with the Navy. He wanted revenge on the man who ruined his life and decided to wait for it, since every pirate gang will end up on the Sabaody Archipelago sooner or later. While waiting, he built up his human trafficking group.
After Sanji gave Duval a facial in the fight against him, Duval became Handsome. He renamed his crew the Rosy-Life Riders and gave up human trafficking.

Franky Family

Franky Family

The members of the Franky Family are petty criminals who were then under the command of founder Franky. They generally wear the same clothing and exhibit different strengths. Their residence was the Franky House, but it was destroyed by Luffy. In order to finance themselves, they work as bounty hunters, but they also helped the Straw Hat Pirates in their invasion of Enie’s lobby.

Hound Pets

The Hound Pets are a group of human traffickers, hailing from the lawless zone of the Sabaody Archipelago. Their boss is Peterman.


  • Bounty hunter also exist in real life. In the US, they are called Bounty Huntersand are usually used to search for bail jumpers. However, in that era, bounty hunting was depicted as in One Piece.

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