Boss of One Piece

Boss is a flame rhino beetle mutated by Indigo’s SIQ, who is friends with Yoko.

This article contains information that is unique to the Movie 10 – Strong World special episodes.


Boss is a huge beetle (about 20 meters long). He starts out crimson, but turns dark turquoise after he evolves. He has naval tattoos on both the right and left sides of his head, but this does not mean he is in the Navy. He and Yoko merely want to protect their village like the Navy. This logo remains even when he sheds his skin.


Boss has a very close bond with Yoko and shows a very compassionate side. He does everything to defend her and her home, Little East Blue. Thus, he was even willing to hand himself over to the Amigo pirates in order to spare everyone. Furthermore, he also shows a similar enthusiasm for fighting as Luffy, so he agreed to Luffy’s request for a rematch and enjoyed the showdown with him.

Skills & Strength

Boss can breathe fire and always grows after sleeping underground for a while. This happens every month according to Fabre. He could even take on Luffy. This shows that he is very strong. Furthermore, he can not only understand people, but apparently perceive their inner voices.


Boss seems to have wandered away from Shiki’s whereabouts by accident a few years ago and got lost on Little East Blue. There he met Yoko, who nursed him back to health and has been his friend ever since. He then advanced to become a protector and drove off enemy pirates.


Meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates

When the Straw Hat Pirates came near Little East Blues, Boss attacked the pirates. Luffy, however, was just thrilled to see the giant, fire-breathing insect and wanted him for his crew. Together with Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, and Zoro clinging to him, Boss flew back to the island. When Yoko told Luffy there that Boss was already her friend, the captain let him go. In exchange, they would have another fight later. However, the Amigo pirates also made their way to the island to capture Boss. They received this order from Shiki. While the other villagers were enthusiastically leading each of the straw hats through the village, Boss and Yoko were in the forest. The latter didn’t understand the enthusiasm for these pirates, but Boss cheered her up.

Attack of the Amigo Pirates

Later, the Amigo pirates attacked the village and demanded the surrender of the giant beetle, but the inhabitants refused. Shortly after, their leader Largo appeared, having already encountered the beetle along the way, but failed to recognize it as a target. In battle against the Amigo pirates, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji were defeated, but Boss then appeared as Corto threatened the civilians. Glowing red, he charged at the enemies, but he could not withstand their fire and fell to the ground. Yoko ran to him, but Boss had decided to turn himself in to protect the residents. Luffy, however, was able to stop him. Boss then skinned himself again and freed Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy, but the mutation was too early and did not succeed properly, which is why he was caught. However, Zoro was able to free him from the net again with Shishi Sonson, after which he faced Corto for battle and defeated him.

Revenge against Luffy

He then caught Luffy, who was in danger of falling into the water after defeating Largo, and also rescued Brook, a Devil Fruit user who also went into the water to save his captain. Eventually, Luffy and Boss delivered their promised rematch late into the evening, but the fight ended in a draw as both were too stubborn to give up and the Straw Hats had to move on. When the Straw Hats had already left again, Boss flew after them with Yoko to see them off. Later, after hearing about the amigo pirates’ failure, Shiki didn’t really care and refrained from catching him.

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