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In One Piece, there are many tales, legends, and lore. Some of these have been put down on paper, published as books, or passed down from generation to generation as secret writings. Here is a list of all such items known to date.


All Blue

During his time in the Kingdom of Germa, Sanji had always been more interested in cooking than in training his father. Because Sanji fell short of his father’s expectations, Judge had decided to fake Sanji’s accidental death and imprison him in the kingdom’s dungeon. There, Sanji practiced cooking with cookbooks and also got his hands on a book where Sanji first learned about the All Blue.

Hiriluk’s medical book

Since Hiriluk was suffering from an illness, Chopper wanted to find the witch’s mushroom, which he believed could have saved him if it was prepared. He found a picture of the witch’s mushroom in Hiriluk’s medicine book with a skull and crossbones next to it, under which flag Hiriluk was fighting for the medicine. So Chopper set out on the arduous journey, during which he lost the book. What Chopper didn’t know was that the skull represented the toxicity of the witch’s mushroom. Hiriluk knew the mushroom was poisonous, but took the medicine Chopper prepared anyway. Only Kureha enlightened the reindeer, but too late.

Bartholomew Kuma’s Bible

Kuma’s Bible

Bartholomew Kuma, a former samurai of the seas, almost always carried a purple Bible with him. Before he became a slave of the World Nobles, Bear always had the Bible with him, only when the Seven Samurai were summoned to naval headquarters for the upcoming war against the Whitebeard pirate gang, he seemed to have misplaced it. What this is all about is not known at this time.

Brag Men

Nami’s copy

Brag Men is a book of Grand Line adventures that is read all over the world. Thus, eyewitnesses – fearless adventurers – tell about the incredible islands, events and people on the Grand Line. The book received this derogatory title because all the people of the world did not believe the stories and dismissed them as fairy tales.

It is one of the few books that Ohara’s scientists were able to save, and so Nami also owns a copy, from which she took the information about the origin of Little Garden’s naming. The author of the book is Louis Arnot.


  • In 2023, an official One Piece gym called “One Piece Fitness Brag Men” is planned to open in Shibuya, a district of Tokyo. There, trainers dressed as marines will be waiting for customers, and various pirate ranks can be earned based on performance, body fat percentage, and muscle mass.

Book of the Devil’s Fruit

There is a book of devil fruits, in which there is an overview of all known devil fruits. Blackbeard used this book to search for his coveted fruit, the dark fruit. He recognized it when Thatch held it in his hands. In this book, according to Blackbeard, the shape of the devil fruit is assigned to abilities. Sanji had also once read this book when he was a young boy. That’s why he knows so well the abilities from the Invisibility Fruit. According to Sanji, the title of the book is “Akuma no Mi” (Jap. Devil Fruit). The first time a copy is seen is during Sanji’s flashback in his room.

The Rainbow Nebula

The Rainbow Nebula. This information comes from an anime filler.

The Rainbow Mist, in addition to the natural phenomenon of the same name, is also the name of a series of books written by Rapa Nui describing the experiences of the Pumpkin pirate gang in the Rainbow Mist. He wrote them after he and his gang were flung back to their own time by the collapse of the Nebula and joined the Navy. Ten volumes have been published so far. Nico Robin owns some, but not all, of the volumes in this series. They are her favorite reads between episodes 130 and 143, and there are also a few issues in King Kobra’s library.

Dible stuff fish

Sanji reads something about the elephant Tuna.

Dible stuff fish is a cookbook that Sanji read as a child (presumably on Orbit). It contains illustrations of various fish, including the elephant tuna.

Episode A

This information comes from One Piece episode A

The tradition of Ace’s story

Episode A is a book written by Masked Deuce, the first member of Ace’s pirate gang, the Spade Pirates. In it, Masked Deuce tells Ace’s story from his perspective. From their first meeting on the island of Sixis, the formation of the Spade Pirates and their journey across the Grand Line to the New World, to meeting Jinbe and Whitebeard and the day they officially joined the Whitebeard Pirates, to his death during the Summit Battle on Marine Ford.

Morgans, the president of the World Economic Newspaper, was burning for the story and even said that this book would become even more popular than Brag Men. Masked Deuce, however, refused, saying that this story was not for the eyes of the world. Masked Deuce preferred to report on the adventures of the Straw Hats and Sabo.


The book on Flevance.

The book is probably about the tragedy on Flevance. There, about 100 years ago, the white and very valuable raw material Hakuen was discovered and mined on a large scale, which brought great wealth to the inhabitants. Many products were made from this raw material and exported all over the world. Flevance then became famous as the “white city”.

The world government also participated in the profitable trade, but concealed what they had already found out through research after the first Hakuen discoveries. For example, the extraction of the rare mineral was poisonous, but the nobles ignored this out of greed for money.

When the inhabitants noticed the disease after a few decades, it was already too late. Fearing contagion, neighboring countries isolated the city and shot anyone who tried to escape. The ensuing Civil War wiped out the entire town and its inhabitants, with the exception of Trafalgar Law.

Zeff’s log

Zeff’s logbook contains, as is usual in a logbook, records of his voyages. During the raid on the Baratié, Don Krieg wanted to capture Zeff’s logbook, among other things, because it described his year-long voyage across the Grand Line. With this data and the Baratié in his possession, he wanted to find a new pirate fleet and get hold of the One Piece to become pirate king. But Zeff didn’t want to give it away as the only reminder of his life back then, which he ultimately didn’t have to thanks to Luffy’s support.

Kozuki Oden’s Log

Kozuki Oden also kept a logbook until he was executed 20 years ago. A short time later, in Kuri, Wano Country, it came into the hands of Yamato, the daughter of Emperor Kaidou himself, who adored the samurai Oden as a child. According to her, the logbook contains records of all the adventures of Kozuki Oden’s heroic life, which is why it has served as a sort of bible for her ever since. Therefore, based on the stories in the logbook, she made it her goal to absorb the will of Oden and fight side by side with the Nine Akazaya as well as the Straw Hat Pirates to finally enforce that same will. Later, she presented it to Momonosuke.

Straw Hat Pirates Logbook

This information comes from an anime filler.

The Straw Hat Pirates’s logbook is where all of the crew’s adventures and battles are written down. Brook found it during a night watch on the Thousand Sunny. He was very excited and wanted to be entered into the logbook as well, and definitely wanted to offer his help to the Straw Hat Pirates to have more adventures as a full member of the gang.

Navigation book

The Stolen Book

This book is about navigation. Nami was already fascinated by navigation as a small child and drew her first maps at a very early age. That’s why she wanted to learn how to navigate, but Bell-mère didn’t have the money for such books. Therefore Nami stole one of the copies from the library of Kokos. Unfortunately for her, she was caught and it was returned.

Noland the liar

The book “Noland the Liar”

The storybook “Noland, the Liar” is about Mont Blanc Noland, published by Northblue and often told there.

It describes the last adventure of Mont Blanc Noland. About 400 years ago, Noland used to tell people wild adventure stories that you never knew if they were true or lies. When Noland told after a journey, he found an island full of gold, which is why he set sail with a crew to lift the treasures. After some obstacles, not many soldiers remained from the crew, but they found nothing but a jungle on the island. Eventually, Mont Blanc Noland was sentenced to death for lying. During the execution he shouted that the gold must have sunk into the sea, but no one believed him anymore.

The Shandia, the descendants of Kalgara, kept the true story alive for over 400 years and passed it on from generation to generation.

Notebook of Rina and Sayo’s father

This information comes from an anime filler.

The notebook of Rina and Sayo’s father contains all the information he collected during his long search for the “great jewel”. This notebook was the target of Foxy and Doran. It is filled with countless formulas describing how to make a jewel. In it is also a sea map, on which an X is marked. The X is located on the man-made resort island of Spa Island.

Rina and Sayo therefore came to Spa Island to solve the final riddle. Their search was unsuccessful until the two sisters encountered the Straw Hat Pirates, who helped them. Then, after Luffy destroyed Spa Island with a Gomu Gomu no Giant Axe, it was revealed that the X from the notebook was under the island. The X described an underwater volcano that caused the seawater to evaporate.

This created a circular rainbow, but it had a reversed color sequence. Rina and Sayo now made a jewel with this last and the rest of the formulas from the notebook.

Pirate Dodgeball Rulebook

This information comes from an anime filler.

The Pirate Dodgeball rulebook contains numerous rules for the game of Pirate Dodgeball, which is one of the oldest games in Davy Back Fight. The Straw Hat Pirates had hopes that this game would be played reasonably fairly by the Foxy Pirates, as all rules must be strictly adhered to. If one of the referees ruled that it was against the rules, he would be instantly decapitated.

However, much to the chagrin of the Straw Hats, the book contained a great many rules, so that it could not be read in a very short time. For example, the gang did not know that splitting and swallowing the ball is forbidden, as Zoro and Luffy did. The Straw Hat Pirates was also unaware that only the weapon “Lady Full Hit” is allowed. Another known rule is that hits to the head count, but hits to the face are invalid.

Rice Rices catalogues

Rice Rice with his catalogs.

Rice Rice is a salesman for the Den-den Mushi TV store. He was fished out of the sea in his transport snail by the Straw Hat Pirates. Immediately he tried to sell his offers to the Straw Hat Pirates. Thereby he distributed his catalogues, in which a lot of things were offered, for example cakes and sweets. But also jewels and necklaces could be found in these catalogues. Sanji was especially interested in the kitchen knives. Suits and accessories like sunglasses are also included in the catalogs.



A poneglyph is a large stone cube with messages in an ancient language carved on its surface. There are many poneglyphs scattered throughout the world of One Piece. Together, they make up the Rio Poneglyph. Very few people can read the engraved script. Only the archaeologists on Ohara were known to be able to decipher the ancient writing, though they perished after the Buster Call 20 years ago. Only the sole survivor is known to be able to read this writing: Nico Robin.

The Poneglyphs were commissioned by a kingdom, but disappeared 800 years ago. They were crafted by the stonemasons of the island of the samurai Wano Country, who are still famous for their craft today. Among other things, they reveal the location of the Ancient Weapons Pluton and Poseidon.

Because of this, the World Government banned research of the Poneglyph after the fall of the kingdom. Crocodile was also interested in these weapons, which is why he came to Arabasta with Nico Robin to search for the Poneglyph.

Vivre Card

Ace’ Vivre Card.

A Vivre Card (Vivre is French and means life) is a special paper that indicates a person’s life energy. To make it, you simply give your own fingernails to a special store in the New World, where a paper is made from them. This life card defies fire and water. If you tear off a piece of the Vivre Card and give it to another person, that piece moves to the other half of the paper.

This lets you know which direction the owner is facing, though it doesn’t tell you the distance. It also indicates that person’s life force. If it dwindles, the Vivre Card cokes. If the owner dies, the Vivre Card also burns up completely. Ace gave Luffy a piece of his Vivre Card on Arabasta so that they would one day find each other again.

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