Boo Kong of One Piece

Boo Kong is one of Saga’s men.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Curse of the Sacred Sword (2004).



Boo Kong’s body is almost in the shape of a sphere. He wears an orange vest, with the symbol of the navy and jagged tattoos on his upper arms. He has blond hair in two small braids and across his face to his stomach stretches a scar. This will have been sustained in a fight against a swordsman. His hands are wrapped in ribbons.


Boo Kong is a loyal follower of Saga, who would do any command for him. He also pretty much always has a wicked smile on his face.

Skills and Strength

Boo Kong is quite strong and fights with two iron clubs. He swings these into his target with ease, due to his body mass he also possesses a lot of strength. This is how he managed to incapacitate the best fighter of the native village, Lacos, with just a single blow.


Henchman of Saga

Attack on the village

Toma, Boo Kong and Bismarck together received Zoro, who had become aware of them through a dagger, and escorted him to the Marine dojo. There he was received by Saga. Boo Kong, along with Zoro and Bismarck, received orders to attack the native village and retrieve the three orbs. While Zoro took the orbs from Maya, Boo Kong engaged in a brief battle with Lacos. Bismarck called the troops back and they went back to the dojo. In the evening, Zoro threw the bullets into a well in the presence of Boo Kong, Saga, Bismarck and Toma. Boo Kong then said that Zoro was now one of them. On the night of the red moon, Boo Kong and some marines guarded one of the towers to prevent the orbs found by Luffy from stopping the sword. His tower was attacked by Usopp and Robin. While Usopp hid behind a bush, Robin managed to take out Boo Kong and his soldiers using her devil powers.


  • Boo Kong is ticklish.

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