Bonk Punch of One Piece

Bonk Punch is a commander of the redhead pirate gang.


Bonk Punch 12 years ago

Bonk Punch is a very strong and tall man with a bald head. He has a huge scar that runs snake-like across the entire left side of his face, across his eye, across his neck, and down to his chest. Furthermore, he has noticeable dark circles under his eyes and no eyebrows. He wears a light blue shirt with a ruffled collar and rolled up sleeves, and light colored shorts with sandals. Monster can usually be seen on his shoulder.

Twelve years ago, Bonk Punch didn’t seem as tall and nowhere near as strong. He also wore different clothes, consisting of a striped shirt, short purple pants and a sash.

Skills & Strength

As a commander within the ranks of an emperor’s gang, Bonk Punch was supposed to possess a high level of strength. On Marine Ford, he didn’t make a face in the face of the assembled forces of the navy. According to Brannew, all the leaders of the red-haired pirate gang are high numbers in their own right with balanced bounties.


Twelve years ago, Bonk Punch was already a member of the redhead pirate gang and partied with his comrades in Makino’s bar.


Along with Shanks and the other commanders of the Red Shirt Pirates, Bonk Punch appeared at the Summit Battle on Marine Ford and ensured an end to the battle by threatening that anyone who wanted to continue fighting would have to deal with them.

After the two-year time jump, Bonk Punch was present with other redshirt pirates in the ruins on a certain island, rejoicing in Luffy’s renewed bounty increase.


  • His name wasn’t revealed until the SBS to Volume 101.

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