Bomba (Marine) of One Piece

Bomba is a member of the Navy in the G5 unit and reports to Smoker and Tashigi.


Bomba is a tall and portly man with sticking up dark hair and an unkempt fuzz of beard. He has thick eyebrows, thick lips, and a noticeably wide lower face. On Punk Hazard, he was seen wearing a light-colored T-shirt with the kanji “海軍” (meaning navy) on the front. He also wore a pair of dotted trousers and a light brown cape.


One of the most noticeable traits of Bombas is that he idolizes Tashigi above all else, just like most of the other soldiers in his unit. But he also cares about Smoker and showed his respect to the Straw Hat Pirates when they stood by and rescued them.


Punk Hazard: Pursuit of the Straw Hats

When the G5 unit was near the Redline in the New World, many pirate ships appeared, freed from Hody Jones’ captivity by the Straw Hats. As a result, a small war broke out. Tashigi fended off some enemy cannonballs in the process, whereupon Bomba and others cheered her on. Based on an intercepted call for help, Smoker then had Punk head for Hazard, where he believed the Straw Hats to be. Once on the island, they traveled to the research lab, but to their amazement, the Samurai of the Seas Trafalgar Law opened the gates.

The situation spiraled out of control as the Straw Hats came running from inside with giant children, whereupon Law lifted the Navy ship into the air with his devil powers and a brief exchange of blows ensued. The Marine lost, with Smokers and Tashigi’s hearts being exchanged and Law pulling away. Fighting then ensued with Caesar Clown’s subordinates, who wanted to use the marines to demonstrate his latest weapon, which he was showing off to the underworld.

The G5 unit procured a new ship, but it was destroyed, which Bomba, other marines, and some added Straw Hats observed from the shore. Caesar then showed himself, but Bomba & Co. could only watch helplessly as he kidnapped Smoker, Tashigi, Luffy and others. Finally, Caesar started the experiment and everyone outside the lab was in danger of petrifying, but Law created an entrance for the G5 marines.

The abducted children

Under Tashigi’s leadership, they then set out to rescue the kidnapped children and find a safe way off the island. However, the gas continued to seep into the lab, killing many marines. They were then able to escape a subsequent attack by Vergos due to Sanji’s intervention. Once in Biscuit’s room, Zoro and Tashigi took over Mone, so the marines around Bomba moved on with Sanji to rescue the children. Finally reaching the children, however, they had little time as the gas kept advancing. Their destination was Building R, the only safe place. There they met Luffy and continued their escape in a rail car.

When they finally got outside and Caesar Clown was defeated, they made a truce with the pirates, but abruptly changed their minds when they left so as not to like the pirates. The children remained behind with the navy. Further, they learned from the captured Caesar how to rescue their petrified comrades. However, while rescuing their petrified comrades, Doflamingo appeared, to whom they were defeated without a chance. Only the sudden appearance of Kuzan saved them.

Finally, the G5 unit also left the island with the children. Their destination was Dr. Vegapunk, to whom they wanted to bring the children so that he could heal them.


  • His name is mentioned in the credits for episode 622 and episode 623.

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