Boin Archipelago

The Boin Archipelago is on the Grand Line.


On the Boin Archipelago, there is the Forest of the Lurking Hunters, Glinstwhere Usopp met Heracles. In this forest there are many carnivorous plants, which Usopp met rather unintentionally after his arrival. On another part of the archipelago, Heracles showed Usopp that there is a massive amount of food, which makes Usopp extremely fat in no time.


The main population consists of huge animals and carnivorous plants. The animals are lured further and further into the center by an aromatic smell, and there they are fattened by numerous foods. Indeed, the islands themselves are also plants that can fold in their “flowers” and drop their food into their large mouths. The only human known to live on the island so far is Heracles. He knows about the dangers of the islands. Usopp has been saved by him a few times from the plants that wanted to eat him.


25 years ago, Heracles and a group of explorers reached the Boin Archipelago, where they wanted to expand their knowledge of plants. However, within a year Heracles lost all his friends due to the dangerous conditions on the island. Nevertheless, he decided to continue studying plants on the island.


Heracles shows Usopp aForest full of food.

Usopp was hurled to this island after being attacked by Bartholomew Kuma. In the Forest of Lurkers, he met Heracles, who saved him from a giant plant. The two quickly became friends. Through all the hardships, Usopp demanded something to eat. In doing so, Heracles led him into a forest where there were numerous foods that tasted so good that Usopp could hardly stop eating. Usopp gained extreme weight after a short time. The island’s trap succeeded. She folded herself in and threatened to eat the fat long-nose, but failed.

Heracles explained that escape from the island was more impossible the farther one was from the center, for the beasts coming from the edge of the island always beat the victims back into the interior. Energetically, the gunner continued to fight his way to the edge, but kept taking powerful hits and being pushed back again. As the island folded in again, Heracles saved him from being eaten. In the process, a newspaper fell in Usopp’s face, from which he learned of Ace’s death. When Heracles asked him what was wrong, Usopp tearfully replied that Luffy had lost his brother Ace in the war. He wanted to go back to his captain right then and there.

After Usopp later read the article with his captain’s hidden message, he was changed and began his two years of training on the Boin Archipelago. He learned about the Pop Greens and took it upon himself to become a true marksman. After the two years, Usopp was finally able to leave the island and was escorted by Heracles to the Sabaody Archipelago. Heracles, on the other hand, made his way back to the Boin Archipelago.


  • The island is very reminiscent of an island from the book The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebearwhich was also published in Japan. Here, too, an island manages to fatten up its victims with a wide variety of treats in such a way that when they are swallowed by the island, they provide a rich and nutritious diet.

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