Bogard of One Piece

Bogard is the Navy’s fencing master. He is a good acquaintance of Vice Admiral Garp and has been commissioned by him to train Koby and Helmeppo.


Bogard is a tall man of average build. His hair is short and light brown. He himself is almost always to be found with a grim expression. Bogard’s eyes are rarely seen, as they are shadowed by his hat.

As a naval officer, he wears an officer’s coat with a smart grey suit underneath with a matching hat. His shirt is pistachio green and his tie is brown, as is the outer band of his hat.


Very little is known about his personality, as he rarely says anything. In fact, Bogard is a very calm person who doesn’t act hastily. He is very composed and tries not to let things escalate, which can be seen in the cover story “Koby’s Diary”. Even when Zoro rushes forward in Water 7 and attacks Garp’s unit, Bogard remains calm and even recognizes the swordsman. So he seems to be very well informed in general. What sense of justice informs him is unclear. However, since he always seems to be addressing Garp and seems to be his right-hand man, he probably will have a similar view of justice.

Skills and strength

Bogard cutsthe guns.

Bogard is the Marine’s fencing master and is therefore a master with his sword, which is a katana. He also shows this when he attacks Koby, who is shooting amok, and elegantly slices both of his pistols. What rank he occupies in the Navy is not known. But based on his clothing, he must be at least a staff officer (corvette captain).

The confidence Garp has in his abilities can be seen in the fact that Bogard was ordered to train Koby and Helmeppo. Moreover, he was already a helping hand of Garp 27 years ago and accompanied him everywhere since then. Even then he occupied the rank of staff officer.


Bogard, left of Garp 27 years ago.

In Chapter 0 Strong World, Bogard is recognized among many other Marines. He accompanies Garp, who previously had a discussion with then-Grand Admiral Kong in his office. This happened 27 years ago.


Captain Morgan

Bogard gives the order to shoot

Bogard was seconded with Garp to take Captain Morgan, who had been taken into custody because of his abuse of power. To this end, they met with the naval ship on which Morgan was confined as well as Koby and Helmeppo were on duty. Garp was careless, however, and so Morgan was able to attack him with his hatchet arm and escape with his son as a hostage. Bogard had to take care of the problem from then on and therefore gave the order to a subordinate to sink the escape boat of Morgan. Koby tried to prevent the marines from shooting at Morgan and Helmeppo by firing wildly with two pistols. Bogard then charged him and cut the pistols into slices. When Garp got up, he crushed the gun and sheepishly explained that he had fallen asleep.

Koby and Helmeppo

Bogard trains with Koby and Helmeppo.

Garp was so impressed with Koby and Helmeppo that he took them to naval headquarters to train them. There he made them train hard. Garp had them trained by his companion Bogard. Among other things, the training program included the Kendo.

Water 7

Bogard in Water 7

Once again, Garp was seconded by Grand Admiral Sengoku to apprehend the Straw Hat Pirates in Water 7. Bogard accompanied him along with Koby and Helmeppo. While Garp was talking to Luffy, Bogard was out in the open and first noticed the onrushing pirate Roronoa Zoro. However, Garp or rather the navy ultimately let the pirates escape unharmed.


  • His style of dress and also his name are reminiscent of Humphrey Bogard. More information about Bogard’s naming
  • In Marine Ford’s War of the Great Powers of the World, the entire force of the Navy was assembled. Although Bogard was also part of it, he could not be seen in the entire war.
  • The name“Bogard” as well as the term “Fencing Master” or“Naval Swordsman“have only been mentioned in the credits in the anime. They were not mentioned in the manga.

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