Bobby Funk of One Piece

Bobby Funk is the younger of the two Funk brothers. Along with his brother Kelly Funk, he is an assassin from the Kingdom of Mogaro, a neighboring country of Dress Rosa.


Bobby Funk is a tall, muscular man. He has long black hair, which he has tied into two braids and wears over one shoulder. He also has a black mustache and a black chin beard, which he has also tied into two braids. His clothing consists of a white shirt, which he has opened slightly, and a red tie, which hangs loosely from his neck. On his lower body he wears light blue-dark blue striped pants with yellow buttons. Furthermore, on his head he wears dark glasses and a black hat with a white band. He also has a large black curly tattoo on his neck.


Bobby is a kind-hearted, according to his brother much too soft, man. He always tries to hold his brother back if he goes too far and continues to hit defeated opponents. However, he usually accidentally holds the wrong person in the process. By his own admission, Bobby wouldn’t even know how to fight, having never been in a fight.

Skills and strength

Bobby, despite his pacifist tendencies, possesses an extremely strong body that even withstood a Haki enhanced attack from Boo, with Bobby not even feeling the attack. His brother Kelly, through his devil powers, usually uses Bobby’s body to defeat strong opponents. According to Gatz, both brothers are also known to defeat pirates with a bounty of over 100 million berries.


Kelly takes control

Together with his brother, he traveled to Dress Rosa to participate in the tournament for the Fire Fruit in the Corrida Colosseum. In the waiting room, they accused Elizabello II and Dagama, participants from the Kingdom of Prodense, of trying to advance in the tournament by scheming with strong participants, to which Dagama merely replied that the other participants in the tournament would surely make their plans as well and that the Funk brothers were probably also sent by their country.

In block C he then fought with his brother against various weaker fighters who could defeat Kelly without problems. However, when Boo then faced Kelly, he was quickly defeated. However, when he used his devil powers to be “carried” by his brother, he was able to use his strong body to take revenge on the Chinjao family member and defeat him unceremoniously. However, the brother duo didn’t stand a chance against Sai – he defeated them both with his Hate Hoken ability.

Rescue by Usopp

Hajrudin presents the prisoners their savior

After the fighting in Block C, all the participants were supposed to receive medical care. However, this was actually a ruse to keep them trapped in an underground dump with all the other participants. Trébol then took people out of there one by one so they could be turned into toys by Sugar to do slave labor for the Donquixote Pirates. The Funk brothers were also turned into toys in the process. However, after Usopp managed to give Sugar such a scare that she passed out, all the toys transformed back. Hajrudin picked up the wounded Usopp in the process and presented him to all the other people who were saved by him. At the same time, when the ceiling collapsed, causing beams of light to appear behind Usopp as the coliseum above them was damaged, it looked like Usopp had been an envoy from the heavens for the former toys. When the former toys asked what they could do for their savior, he wanted them to destroy the factory behind him. Unfortunately, however, it was protected by Diamante and Trébol.

The birdcage

Luffy is led into the trap

Later on, Doflamingo enclosed the island in a cage consisting of his strings. Anyone who wanted his freedom would either have to defeat him or those on whom he placed a bounty. A minimum of 100 million berry was placed on each person. Kelly took control of Bobby’s body again at an unknown time. When the Straw Hat stormed to Doflamingo on Level 1 of the new Royal Palace with some former gladiators, the brother duo appeared and they explained that they were also on Luffy’s side to pay their debt to Usopp. For this reason, they had found a secret passage for the Straw Hat, which would take him directly to Doflamingo. The Straw Hat Pirate entered the passage, unaware that it was a trap set by the assassins, leading to a flooded room as they were after the Straw Hat’s bounty. But before they could ambush the Straw Hat, a thread double of Doflamingo appeared and defeated the one-man duo with just one blow.


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