Bobbing Head One Piece

The Bobbing Head One Piece series includes a total of 18 figures at six collections. This series is produced by Plex. The head of the figures measures about 1/3 of the entire body.

Regular collections

Collection 1

The first collection was released in mid April 2010 and includes 3 figures, these are Luffy, Shanks and Boa Hancock. Each figure is over 13 cm tall.

LuffyShanksBoa Hancock

Collection 2

The second collection was released in June 2010 and consists of only one figure. This one is Chopper and measures around 10 cm. He can also be equipped with either a witch’s mushroom or a Hiriluk flag.

Collection 3

The third collection contains only one figure of Gecko Moria. The figure is 14 cm tall and thus the largest figure of the series so far. Like Chopper, this figure can be equipped with scissors and Moria’s well-known double man and brick bats. This collection was released in July 2010.

Collection 4

The fourth collection features Roronoa Zoro and Whitebeard. It was released in October 2010.

ChopperGecko MoriaRoronoa ZoroWhitebeard

Special Collections

Wonder Festival 2010 Summer – Limited Edition

Another Chopper was released on July 25, 2010 for the Wonder Festival 2010 Summer. It is known that the figure is supposed to have a big grin. There were a total of 1000 figures at the festival and another 1010 available for purchase by order.

Special Baseball Collection

This collection contains 6 figures each of Monkey D. Luffy and Chopper. The figures have different jerseys of Japanese baseball teams on. While the Luffy figures were released in early August 2010, the Chopper figures were released in September 2010.

ChopperLuffy FiguresChopper Figures

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