Bobbin of One Piece

Bobbin (Japanese: 始末屋, Shimatsu-ya) is a member of Big Mom’s pirate gang.


Bobbin has very long arms in proportion to his stocky build and an exceedingly broad face. In the middle of this he wears a narrow mask that covers about a third of his face. The mask has a large oval mouth hole, a pyramid-shaped bulge for the nose, and two tinted lenses over the eyes. For clothing, Bobbin wears a dark musketeer hat with feathers, a long cape, and striped pants held up by a belt. He also wears a pair of dark gloves and a neckerchief with creases. Especially conspicuous is a long and wide saber, which he carries diagonally on his back.


Bobbin generally seems very childlike. Like all the members, he also addresses Charlotte Linlin as “Mama”. He also tends to move his head back and forth when speaking. When doing so, he always says “boyoyon”. Furthermore, he seems to be a rather ruthless pirate, and just like his leader, has a strong penchant for sweets. He burned down an entire country just because it couldn’t deliver on time.

Skills & Strength

Almost nothing is known about Bobbin’s abilities, but he seems to be the leader of a group of pirates. The fact that he’s part of an emperor’s band of pirates additionally speaks to a certain strength. This is further backed up when he is recognized by the Vinsmoke princes as a capable fighter. His abilities include the ability to put other people to sleep.


He and some other pirates came back to headquarters to report to Big Mom. Bobbin mentioned that he had to destroy an entire country because it had not kept its candy delivery agreement. He also asked if they shouldn’t burn down Fish-Man Island as well, since he was informed by Pekoms via Den-den Mushi about the situation there.

After the fall of Donquixote Doflamingo, the Sanji rescue team landed on Whole Cake Island to prevent Sanji’s wedding. There, Luffy encountered Charlotte Cracker, but was defeated. Big Mom then dispatched her band of pirates in the form of the Army of Wrath to avenge her son. Bobbin and his companions overpowered Luffy and Nami and took them to the castle. There, Bobbin observed the conversation between Luffy and Big Mom. After the report of an intruder in the castle, everyone except Opera left the library where Luffy and Nami were held captive.

Some time later, Bobbin ran into Sanji in the castle, who was thoughtfully sitting next to the pudding food basket. As Bobbin was about to help himself to the food, which consisted of the Straw Hat Pirates’s favorite dishes, Sanji remembered Luffy’s promise after their fight and kicked Bobbin into the wall with a well-aimed kick. The noise caused some of his comrades to rush over, but Bobbin put them to sleep. He wanted to settle this matter on his own and immediately took off in pursuit of Sanji. However, he was shot by Vito shortly after and collapsed in the open street.


  • Its name comes from bobbin, the English word for Reel.
  • His name could also be a reference to Bobbleheadas he is constantly bobbing his head.

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