Boa Sandersonia of One Piece

Boa Sandersonia is the older of Boa Hancock’s two younger sisters, or the second oldest of the Gorgon sisters. She says about her sister that she has a bad character, but because of her beauty all would be forgiven.


Sandersonia when young

Boa Sandersonia is a tall woman. She is much taller than normal humans, but is not a giant. She has long green hair, a wide face, and a forked tongue like a snake. Her eyes are green, just like her top and bottom. The top is decorated with white spots. She also wears a white coat, similar to that of a naval officer, and on her left leg she wears green tights, decorated with a snake pattern on the upper right. Around her waist she has tied orange pieces of cloth. She wears red-brown boots with it.


Sandersonia’s character is rather cold. She has a hatred for men in particular, as the first men she met as a child slave were World Nobles. She is very sure of herself, which speaks to her strength. After her encounter with Luffy, her personality has softened a bit, and it’s very likely that if she encounters men again outside of Amazon Lily, that she won’t harbor an immediate hatred towards them.

Skills and strength

Sandersonia can dodge Luffy’s attacks with ease.

Sandersonia has eaten from the snake fruit, model: Anaconda. She can transform into a monstrous anaconda, a strangler snake. Thus, unlike her sister Boa Marigold, she cannot secrete venom. She also has mastered a form of Haki, which is very similar to Mantora, as she was able to anticipate and dodge all of his moves in her fight against Luffy. Thanks to the added power of her Zoan Devil Fruit, she and Marigold were able to hit Luffy hard. So in this fight, at first it looked like Sandersonia and Marigold were going to win, but when the rubber boy used Gear 2, even that didn’t help Haki.

While she could still anticipate his actions, he was far too fast for her, so they couldn’t add any more damage to him. Adding to that, much like Kumadori’s Life Feedback, she can control her hair and she forms snakes out of it that can even shatter stone. She must also have some psychic strength, as she withstood Luffy’s Haoushoku outburst. She’s also one of the few warriors on Amazon Lily who doesn’t fight with Haki arrows.


The three sisters flee.

Sandersonia, Hancock and Marigold were kidnapped as children from the Kuja pirates’ ship and sold as slaves. They ended up with the World Nobles in the holy land of Mary Geoise, where the three were fed devil fruit for entertainment. While Hancock received the love fruit, Sandersonia and Marigold received snake fruit from the model: Anaconda and King Cobra. After four years as slaves to the World Nobles, she and her sisters were freed by Fisher Tiger, a fish-man and slave who had supposedly climbed up the Redline to cause trouble in Mary Geoise. Not knowing where to go, they were taken back to their home island of Amazon Lily by Gloriosa.

They were treated by her as her own children. But the “Hoof of the Rising Dragon”, the symbol of the World Nobles, was burned deep into their flesh. Hancock and her sisters decided to keep the branding and the devil’s powers a secret. So they spread the story that they had killed a Gorgon, but had been cursed by it. Now they would have the Gorgon eyes on their backs and anyone who saw them would turn to stone. Thus, the three sisters were nicknamed the “Gorgon Sisters.” If the truth came out, the siblings would no longer have a place on Amazon Lily.

As it turned out when she met Rayleigh, it was he and Shakuyaku who hid the Gorgon sisters back when they escaped from the Tenryuubito.


Arrival at home

Sandersonia makes her first appearance when the Kuja pirate gang sails back home from their raid. After Hancock’s conversation with Nyon about the upcoming war against the Whitebeard gang, the Snake Princess wants to take a bath, but is interrupted by Luffy. Sandersonia and Marigold want to kill Luffy for seeing her sister’s back, but Luffy is able to escape through the window. Unfortunately for him, he is then captured and taken to the Death Arena to be executed.

Battle in the arena of death

The Gorgon sisters are playing with Marguerite.
Sandersonia’s snake hair mastery

After Hancock turns Marguerite, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra into stone and Luffy defeats Amazon Lily’s executioner, Bacura, with just one punch, the Straw Hat Captain has to take on Sandersonia and Marigold. Luffy stands little chance against the two Gorgon sisters at first, as they both use their haki. Luffy finds it nearly impossible to land a hit against Sandersonia’s Snake Dance. When Sandersonia also throws the petrified Marguerite up and down with her tail, threatening to break her, Luffy’s jaw drops and he unknowingly uses his Haoushoku. In shock, Sandersonia gently places the stone statue back on the ground.

But the fight is not over yet. After Luffy puts Marguerite back at a safe distance, he uses Gear 2. It is no longer possible for Sandersonia and Marigold to keep up with Luffy, and even their Haki is ineffective against the rubber boy, as he is far too fast for them. As Sandersonia uses her snake hair mastery and Marigold ignites to launch a joint attack, they are stopped by Luffy’s gum gum jet gatling and he aims to take her down with a well-aimed kick. Sandersonia falls against the burning Marigold, who pushes her sister away so her sister doesn’t get burned. Luffy knots the tail ends of the two Gorgon sisters together and Sandersonia finally loses her balance. She falls backwards, threatening to fall into the spiked moat if she hadn’t held onto the edge of the spectator stand. Marigold’s flames had already set Sandersonia on fire, and her cloak is burned. The slave mark on her back would have been seen by almost all of the spectators had it not been for Luffy, who jumped on Sandersonia’s back and covered it. Hancock then had the arena evacuated.

Later, she and her sister Marigold are also present at Kuja Castle when Hancock is talking to Luffy
as well as when Hancock collapses. After Hancock’s agreement to participate in the war, the Pirate Empress smuggled herself and Luffy onto Momonga’s naval ship. Hancock left Sandersonia and Marigold in charge of her country until her return.

After the war

Hancock had returned safely to Amazon Lily. Sandersonia and Marigold were worried about their sister, as she was in constant worry about Luffy and was not eating. Later, the Gorgon sisters, accompanied by Nyon, were on their way to Luffy to bring him food. The latter was in attendance with Rayleigh, who had made his way to Amazon Lily to propose to Luffy. Sandersonia and Marigold were happy to see the former pirate again and thanked him for what he and Shakuyaku had done for the sisters back then. Two years later, the Gorgon sisters, Nyon and Marguerite picked up Luffy from his training on Rusukaina Island. The Kuja pirates then took him to the Sabaody Archipelago, where they paved the way for the Straw Hats to head for Fish-Man Island by holding up the Navy.


  • As with all the inhabitants of Amazon Lily Island, her name is derived from a plant. In her case, it is the lantern lily (genus Sandersonia (note: needs link)).
  • She is accompanied by a black panther named Bacura.
  • Like many characters in One Piece, Sandersonia has a distinctive laugh. In her case, it’s a “U” followed by several “fu”, i.e. Ufufufu.
  • The memory of her difficult childhood still seems to torment her a lot, as she immediately started screaming when Boa told Hancock about it.
  • Sandersonia’s favorite dish is Xiaolongbao.
  • Sandersonia ranked 166 in popularity ranking in 7th place, which is its 1st place worldwide.

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