Boa Hancock of One Piece

“Pirate Empress” (jap. 海賊女帝, Kaizoku Jotei) Boa Hancock is the empress of Amazon Lily Island and the ruler of the Kuja. She is also called the Snake Princess (jap. 蛇姫, Hebihime). She was also part of The Seven Warlords of the Seas and was the only female member. She has two younger sisters named Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia.

She is first mentioned on Thriller Bark by one of the Risky Brothers. When Brook and Sanji rave about the supposed indescribable beauty of the mermaids they will meet on Fish-Man Island, the Risky Brothers think that her beauty surpasses even that of the “pirate empress” Hancock.


Hancock about 20 years ago

Compared to her sisters’ unusual appearance, Hancock is a slender, tall woman with long black hair that goes down to her waist. She generally wears these open. Hancock is fair skinned and her eyes are a dark blue to gray color. Accompanying her is a large snake with a skull, which Hancock can even sit on when compressed….

Her clothing, as is typical in One Piece, is very outlandish. She has a penchant for robes, so on Amazon Lily she wore a long, red robe with snake patterns on it. She wore a different robe during the Great Battle of the World Government, which was fought against Whitebeard’s Alliance. There she had on a purple robe with the Jolly Roger of her Kuja pirate band. Furthermore, she wears two earrings that look like snakes. On the Kuja pirate ship, when Momonga asked to see her, she was wearing bright red high heels. All these distinctive clothes make her look very exotic.

The fact that she is a beautiful woman is noted all over the world, for example, the Risky Brothers mention that the beauty of the pirate empress is second to that of the mermaids, while Marguerite claims that her ruler is the prettiest woman ever. She was even able to order Momonga’s naval squad around just because of her beauty. The prisoners in Impel Down also gaped at her loudly. Even Magellan couldn’t deny her desire to see Ace.

On her back, according to the stories on Amazon Lily, she carries two eyes of a Gorgon, but this is a lie. As it later turns out, it is actually a marker for slaves, the symbol of World Nobles. She spread the rumor of the Gorgon eyes because she was ashamed of her branding.


She shows her arrogance.

Boa Hancock rules her people, the Kuja, with a hard hand. Even though she is adored by her people for her beauty, she has a very gruff character due to her past. Despite this, she would never abandon the Kuja, as her title as Samurai of the Seas is important to her because of this, so that her island is not attacked by the Navy.

Still, she comes across as very cold and heartless to the outside world. Thus, she unceremoniously petrified Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra despite their honesty about having brought Luffy to the Amazon Village. In her first appearance, she kicked away a playing kitten for getting in her way. Another time, she destroyed a clay sculpture made for her by some little girls because it was too ugly for her. The only people she lets get close to her are her sisters, with whom she shares her past. She has a difficult relationship with the old Empress of Amazon Lily, Gloriosa, even though she was the savior of the three sisters and she brought them back to the island after their imprisonment. This is because Gloriosa is constantly talking into Hancock’s conscience and arguing with her. Hancock sees Gloriosa as a traitor for leaving Amazon Lily when she was empress. Gloriosa, in turn, constantly gives Hancock advice, such as going to naval headquarters to fight Whitebeard so that her title will continue to protect the island.

The enchanting look that…makes almost everyone go crazy.

Furthermore, Hancock often acts very arrogant and stuck up. This sometimes goes as far as throwing her head extremely far back as a sign of excessive snootiness. To Vice Admiral Momonga, she behaved in a less than respectful manner and stiffed his people. Hancock, like Foxy, is quick to take offense, so she was horrified that Luffy didn’t fall for her beauty, while the rest of the Amazons once again freaked out at the sight of their Empress. Having spent her childhood on Women’s Island and experiencing nothing but misery outside of it, she has a strong dislike for men. This goes so far as to make her switch between fronts in the middle of the war against Whitebeard.

When I agreed to fight Whitebeard..,
I didn’t say I’d be your ally!
Friend or foe, men are all the same!
Except for him…
That’s why I want that promise to be kept!
-Hancock to some of the marines.

She also knows how to score points very specifically with her beauty, forcing her will on normal men, including Magellan and Momonga’s people. This also works on her people, because as soon as Hancock makes a particularly pretty expression, the rest of the Amazons fall into ecstasy. Only Gloriosa doesn’t fall for the trick. Hancock also has a cunning side, so she gave Luffy a tough choice: either Marguerite, Aphelandra, and Sweet Pea would be freed from their petrification, or she would give Luffy a boat to get off the island. The fact that Luffy chose the first option surprised her greatly, and she was actually very impressed with Luffy after talking to him in Kuja Castle, since he had beaten a world aristocrat.

Hancock’s personality underwent a very radical change after she got to know Luffy better. Suddenly, she was a loyal, friendly person. She no longer spoke to him in a curt tone, but normally. At least only to Luffy, as she immediately stiffened at the marines who tried to hitch a ride to her cabin. Due to her infatuation with Luffy, she daydreamed to herself about what it would be like to be allowed to feed Luffy. She also immediately became jealous when Luffy told her about his gang and mentioned Nami and Robin. Then when it was time to go to the Impel Down, she saw Luffy again briefly and imagined he said he loved her. She then fainted.

Skills and Strength

Hancock attacks enemies…

As the ruler and captain over the tribe, Hancock has power over the entire island or Kuja. Because of this, she is probably also the strongest Kuja warrior. After only one first mission as a young pirate, a bounty of 80,000,000 was placed on her head, underpinning her strength. Subsequently, she was awarded the title of Samurai of the Seas, which is why her bounty was frozen. Solely by her beauty, she got the marines in the Calm Belt to hand over all the treasures of the navy ship to her. Momonga had to yell at his men to get them to come to their senses. She was also able to force her will on Magellan to see Ace, telling him that Luffy was on his way to rescue him.

…and allies.

She knows how to control men with her beauty, so she planned a diversion to feed Ace the information. Besides her beauty, she has the ability to petrify people through her devil power. Anyone who appears to be thinking “dirty” thoughts will instantly turn to stone if they don’t immediately distract themselves with pain. Thus, Hancock was able to incapacitate an entire squad of marines without much effort. Only Momonga withstood the attack, but had to jam a dagger into his hand in order to be distracted. This action alone says a lot about her strength. In addition, by kissing her finger, she can create small projectiles that even harmed Luffy, even though he is immune to pistol bullets as a rubber person. By kicking someone, she can turn the hit areas to stone, which then begin to crumble away. Thus, she attacked several marines in the Great Battle, pretending to hate all men but one. Also, she is one of few people who has mastered all three types of haki, though she has never been seen using the rare king haki. So her full strength has yet to make an appearance.


Hancock is branded.

When Hancock was twelve years old, she and her sisters were kidnapped from aboard the Kuja ship and sold as slaves. They ended up with the World Nobles in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. During her time as a slave, she was fed a love fruit by the nobles for entertainment. She lived in captivity until the day Fisher Tiger freed all the slaves four years later. On the run, not knowing where to go, the sisters were rescued by Gloriosa and taken back to their home island. They were treated by her as her own children. However, the “Hoof of the Rising Dragon”, the symbol of the World Nobles, was burned deep into their flesh. Hancock and her sisters decided to keep the branding and the devil’s powers a secret. So they spread the story that they had killed a Gorgon, but had been cursed by it. Now they would have the Gorgon eyes on their backs and anyone who saw them would turn to stone. Thus, the three sisters were nicknamed the “Gorgon Sisters.” If the truth came out, the siblings would no longer have a place on Amazon Lily. As it turned out on Amazon Lily, it was Rayleigh and Shakuyaku who kept the sisters hidden from the Tenryuubito.

The three sisters flee.

Despite Gloriosa’s love and care, these traumatic events branded Hancock so much that she doesn’t really let anyone but her sisters get close to her anymore, doesn’t show any emotions, and thus has adopted a cold disposition. Thus, she grew up not trusting anyone except her sisters, most especially men.

Mainly, she hates the world government, especially the World Nobles. At one point, she became a member of the Seven Samurai to protect her island from the World Government and keep it from invading Amazon Lily as a pirate island.


The call of the world government

Hancock petrifies the marines without any qualms.

She made her first appearance, three days after Bartholomew Kuma sent Luffy to Amazon Lily through his devil power. Hancock seemed to be greatly feared by the Kuja, as Kikyo felt that the incident with Luffy would surely bring them trouble. At the same time, the Empress returned from a voyage in her ship. However, in the waters off Amazon Lily, her ship encountered Vice Admiral Momonga. The latter told of Ace’s execution and that she was now expected on the front lines in the fight against Whitebeard. If she did not comply, she would lose the title of one of the 7 Samurai of the Seas. However, Hancock insisted on keeping her title, not going into battle, and still getting all of the ship’s cargo. Shortly thereafter, with the aid of her devil power, she turned the entire naval crew to stone except for Momonga, who cancelled the effect of her attack by stabbing his hand. As her crew sailed away towards Amazon Lily, Momonga remarked that he would wait for her for two days and that if she did not follow him, the deal with the Kuja would be nullified.

The first meeting with Luffy

The Kuja are petrified.

Arriving in Amazon Lily, she conversed with Gloriosa about the dangers to the entire island if Hancock did not fulfill her obligations to the world government. However, the Empress remained stubborn and simply threw the old woman out the window after the argument. Following this, Hancock took a bath, but was disturbed by Luffy, falling from the ceiling, who fell directly into her bath. He was on the run from the Amazons and looking for someone to lend him a boat. He saw the symbol on her back and mentioned he had seen it somewhere before. Hancock tried to petrify Luffy, but it didn’t work on him. Hancock couldn’t believe that Luffy could withstand their attack seemingly effortlessly. He then fled, but was captured anyway and taken to the island’s battle arena.

Luffy’s choice shocks Hancock.

In the arena, the Pirate Empress showed no mercy to Luffy or anyone who tried to protect him. So she also petrified Marguerite, Aphelandra, and Sweet Pea, who suddenly appeared on the battlefield to apologize to their ruler for being the ones who brought the man to the village. Now the real battle was about to begin. The black panther Bacura was let onto the battlefield to execute Luffy, however the beast was knocked down by just one blow from the rubber man. Hancock was amazed that the man had managed to take down Bacura with mere strength. Due to this, her two sisters were sent next, and their devilish powers turned them into snakes. When Luffy used the Haoushoku, a special form of Haki, during the fight against her two younger sisters, she was visibly surprised by it, as she had not completely mastered it herself at that point. Shortly after, Boa Sandersonia’s clothes caught fire through a trick of Luffy’s, exposing her back. But Luffy, who overheard earlier in the bathroom that the Gorgon sisters didn’t want anyone to see their backs, covered it. Hancock then had the arena evacuated, and burst into tears.

A little later, she gave Luffy a choice. Either she would give him a ship or she would turn the three Amazons back. This she did only because she wanted to see the true character of a man who was selfish. Luffy, however, immediately decided to help the others, which surprised Hancock again. She decided to enlighten Luffy about the symbol on her back and invited him to Kuja Castle. She told him her past and then asked him if he would look down on her as a slave now. But this was not the case, as Luffy also hates the World Nobles. She was also told by Gloriosa about the incident in Sabaody Archipelago where Luffy knocked down a world aristocrat. Luffy impressed Hancock so much that she decided to lend him her ship.

Off to Impel Down

Hancock isn’t sick -she’s just in love.

After also learning Luffy’s name and telling him that the Kuja Gang would take him to the Archipelago the next day, she became ill that same evening. But it was anything but sickness. It was love. Luffy had made the impossible possible. Hancock had fallen in love with the straw hat. So without batting an eye, she went along with Luffy’s request to sail to Impel Down to rescue Ace. Gloriosa explained that it was better for Hancock to follow Luffy so that she could give vent to her feelings. It was precisely the suppressed love feelings of other Amazon Lily empresses that would have taken her down before. Besides, this way Hancock would also fulfill her duty to go to war against Whitebeard. Upon leaving the island, Hancock offered to call Luffy by her first name. However, Luffy, who has trouble remembering names, called her Hanmock and had to be corrected.

Hancock asked Momonga to make one more stop at the Impel Down. She freed the previously petrified marines so they could navigate the ship. This allowed Luffy to get on the naval ship headed for Impel Down under Hancock’s cloak. On the way to the Impel Down, Hancock asked for extra food and also didn’t want to be disturbed, which of course was on Luffy. Luffy stuffed all the food inside and offered some to Hancock as well, but she just doted on Luffy and imagined what it would be like to be able to feed Luffy. After four and a half days of shipping, Luffy and Hancock finally arrived at the Grand Jail.

In the government’s big prison.

Hancock Meets Magellan.

Hancock was met by the vice chief of the prison, Hannyabal, as soon as they arrived. He immediately ordered a strip search and sea stone handcuffs for Hancock. Both were to be taken care of by Domino, the deputy commander of the prison guards. As they entered the strip-search room, Hancock managed to use a trick to petrify Domino along with the video Den-den Mushi so that Luffy could slip away unnoticed. Hancock regretted that she couldn’t get Luffy any further. But Luffy was very grateful to her, and said that he owed her a favor, and moreover pronounced her name correctly. Hancock was overjoyed. He also promised her not to start a riot. Then she dissolved Domino’s petrification and came out as a bound visitor. Finally, with Domino and Hannyabal, she took the cozy elevator through hell to the office of the prison warden, Magellan. During the ride, she caught a brief glimpse of Luffy, who was about to say something to her. But by misreading her lips, she thought Luffy had told her he loved her and immediately fainted.

Boa Hancock talks to Ace.

When she finally arrived at Magellan’s office, she got that Luffy’s burglary was already busted. However, with her charm, she was able to convince Magellan not to intervene himself and accompany her to Level 6 to see Ace. Once down there, she was first gawked at loudly by the prisoners. Jinbe asked Hancock angrily if she was only fighting Whitebeard because she wanted to be one of the 7 samurai. She took advantage of the circumstance and told Magellan that the prisoners would scare her. While the prison warden then attacked the prisoners with a hydra as punishment, she told Ace that Luffy was on his way to rescue him. However, Ace didn’t know if he could believe Hancock. However, she only replied that she had no reason to lie to him. After delivering the message to Ace, she and Momonga left the Impel Down while Luffy was still inside causing commotion.

Battle in Marine Ford

Hancock standsprotectively in front of Luffy.

Hancock must now fight Whitebeard’s alliance with the four remaining samurai Bartholomew Kuma, Donquixote Doflamingo, Gecko Moria, and Dracule Mihawk. In the process, however, they attack not only the pirates, but also the marines. At first, the soldiers are enraged by Hancock’s change of heart, but she turns on the charm again and turns their heads. When Luffy then has to deal with Smoker, and like in the previous fights with him doesn’t stand a chance, Boa Hancock comes to his rescue. She kicks Smoker away with the help of her Kuja-Haki, breaking his jitte as well, which he is visibly surprised by. Hancock is incensed that Smoker attacked Luffy. Taking the opportunity, Luffy pronounced her name correctly one more time. The samurai was overjoyed at this. Later, she played Luffy’s savior several times, thus stopping the Pacifista from attacking Luffy. It was also she who gave the Straw Hat Captain the key to Ace’s handcuffs. Although the latter was freed by Luffy, he died during the battle from a serious injury. After Shanks and Sengoku finished the battle, the Pirate Empress went in search of Luffy. A short time later, she came across Law, who was tending to Luffy and Jinbe. The Pirate Empress suggested to the Supernovae that they take the injured to Amazon Lily, as it would be safer there. Law followed her offer.

After the war

Rayleigh meets up with Luffy and the Gorgon sisters.

On Amazon Lily, it took a full two weeks for Luffy to regain consciousness. When he woke up, Hancock wanted to see him immediately, however Luffy had fled into the forest where he vented his grief. A short time later, Rayleigh arrived on the island to suggest Luffy wait two more years to reunite the Straw Hat Pirates to prevent another defeat on the archipelago. The Gorgon sisters and Gloriosa were happy to see Rayleigh as he helped them a lot in the past along with Shakuyaku. Luffy agreed and they went to Rusukaina Island where they would train for two years. Hancock wanted to provide Luffy with food every day, but was urged by Rayleigh to stay away altogether so as not to interfere with his training and spoil him. With a heavy heart, Hancock left the island for two years.

Two years later.

The Kuja pirates pick up Luffy.

Two years had passed. Hancock and her band of pirates picked up Luffy from Rusukaina to take him to the Sabaody Archipelago. The pirate empress had a lot of food loaded onto the ship for Luffy and indirectly proposed marriage, which he completely rejected. Just before reaching the archipelago, Hancock and Luffy had to say goodbye to each other so that their relationship with each other would not become known. Hancock still left Luffy her coat and a fake moustache when they parted to remain undetected, as well as a huge backpack full of food. They promised to see each other again, which pleased Hancock greatly. Later, when the reunited Straw Hat Pirates got into turmoil with the Navy, they received support from the Kuja Pirates. They stood up to the Navy and made sure that the Thousand Sunny could safely descend to Fish-Man Island.

Attack of the Navy

Hancock surprisingly lost her title as Samurai of the Seas as a result of a vote of the Regents at the last Levely, as did the other Samurai of the Seas. When Amazon Lily was surrounded by Navy ships, she reassured her warriors, because after all, she too was named a Samurai of the Seas primarily because of her strength.


Hancock’s early designfrom the Colorwalk 2
  • As with all the inhabitants of Amazon Lily Island, her name is derived from a plant. In her case, it is the Symphoricarpos Chenaultii Hancock, the Low Purple Berry, a Symphoricarpos of the Snap Pea.
  • She is accompanied by a large snake named Salome, which has a skull on its head.
  • On her back is the symbol of the World Nobles, under which she suffered for a long time as a slave.
  • Boa Hancock bears a lot of resemblance to the Greek character Medusa from the Three Gorgon Sisters.
  • Like many characters in One Piece, Hancock has a word for “I” that is typical of her. Her variant is warawa (わらわ).
  • In SBS volume 69, Oda reveals that Hancock was the most difficult character in One Piece for him to draw (at least at the time).
  • In SBS volume 76, Oda shows us what Hancock would look like if she were male.(Show image [hide])
  • Hancock’s favorite dish is Hot pot.

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