Boa Hancock vs Nightin

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 14 -3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! The Vow of Comrades.

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After Boa Hancock joined Luffy in reaching the World pirate gang’s ship and the two were able to defeat Sebastian, they parted ways inside the ship. While Luffy tangled with Byrnndi World, Hancock went on to free her sisters. In the process, however, she encountered Nightin, ship’s doctor for the World pirates, in a lab of sorts, who tried to stop her.

The fight

Nightin was well prepared and had already learned about Boa Hancock’s strength and especially her abilities through Byojack. Thus, the Pirate Empress, who wanted to end things quickly, was unable to use Mero Mero Mellow to have any effect on the old woman, as she consumed a mixture of hundreds of bitter medicinal herbs and was physically as well as mentally affected by the bitterness. This was a technique of Kenpo Kanpo, Nightin’s fighting style that relied on the use of medicinal herbs, and she had other techniques in store. For example, she then drank a bottle of liquid concoction that she sprayed out of her mouth like a navel, which slowly spread over Boa Hancock. This had the effect of disintegrating the clothes of the Samurai of the Seas, and distracting her for a moment with shame. The ship’s doctor took advantage of this moment to ingest another concoction that had a powerful rejuvenating effect on her. As a result, her body was significantly younger, more agile, and Nightin even grew significantly taller again. She immediately took advantage of her new agility and strength and went into close combat, unleashing a hail of kicks on her opponent. Despite the tremendous speed, however, Hancock was able to dodge each and every kick and escape from her attack radius, but Nightin didn’t hesitate for long and attacked her with a destructive hand strike, but the Pirate Empress was able to avoid it once again. Boa Hancock was now on a floor higher and in turn attacked with Slave Arrow and Pistol Kiss, however the Kenpo Kanpo Queen protected herself with crushed herbs that she threw in the air in front of her, acting like a shield. It seemed that Nightin was prepared for any eventuality, but when she compared herself to Boa in terms of beauty and strength, the latter used her irresistible gaze and was able to momentarily fluster her. The World Pirate realized that she was indeed like a goddess, but she once again took bitter herbs and ran to her. She let down a hail of blows on the Snake Princess, but she couldn’t land a hit and was knocked to the ground by a tail slash from Salome. Hancock now relied fully on her irresistible gaze and, despite devouring vast quantities of bitter herbs, was able to charm Nightin. In the end, the pirate empress petrified her opponent, who was kneeling on the ground with heart eyes, and continued on her way.

Video of the fight

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