Boa Hancock vs Guarana & Ginger

This article contains information that is unique to the One Piece – Stampede special episodes.

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After the Straw Hat Pirates was forced to dock on an island and Luffy was washed into a canal as a result of an exchange with Ginger, he ended up in a spa. Boa Hancock was also present at the same time, but their joyous reunion was interrupted by the pursuers. Although the enemies were initially unable to cause the two pirates any problems, a gas attack by Ginger left them no choice but to flee. They made their way to the factory, where they were directly attacked by the bounty hunters’ leader, Cidre. The Straw Hat then went on the offensive as well, but when Hancock tried to stand by him, Guarana, another high-ranking commander of the Cidre Guild, prevented them from intervening and a fight ensued as well.

The fight

Together with some subordinates, Guarana took to the air and they attacked the Pirate Empress with their Carbonic Acid Cannons. With a Slave Arrow, Hancock was able to take out the majority of the enemies, however Guarana was too quick and dodged. After the Bounty Hunter expressed her motivation to take out Boa Hancock and all Devil Fruit users, Hancock attacked with a Pistol Kiss, but Guarana countered by using the Carbonic Acid like a whip. Suddenly, both simultaneous fights were interrupted by the appearance of Hancock’s two sisters, and Ginger also joined them with some subordinates. To the surprise of his two commanders, Cidre then ordered a retreat, as he wanted to test some special fighting equipment on the pirates.

They immediately gave chase and while Cidre prepared the equipment, the two commanders were supposed to stop them, however Luffy promoted himself right past them using Gomu Gomu no Rocket. While they were still looking behind, Hancock confronted them and revealed himself as their opponent. Ginger immediately attacked them with a double carbonic acid beam, but Hancock dodged it with ease and went into close combat against Guarana. However, when the bounty hunter fired at her again, Hancock took off and hit him with Perfume Femur, petrifying his entire body and thus incapacitating him. Guarana also stood no chance against the Samurai of the Seas and was defeated shortly after. A kick to the pit of her stomach also petrified her.

Without either of her sisters having to intervene, Boa Hancock had won. After Luffy had also successfully finished his fight, the two said goodbye and Hancock was happy to see Luffy again at the Pirates Festival.

Video of the fight

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