Blyue of One Piece

Blyue is a giant who ate of the mini fruit, and thus can shrink himself to any size.

This article contains information unique to One Piece Round the Land.

Skills & Strengths

Blyue uses a Halberd in battle, which he is adept at wielding. The powers of his mini-mini-fruit allow him to shrink to any size, though he is usually shrunk to human size. In battle, however, he also knows how to use his powers well, and can seemingly disappear in front of his opponent and appear behind them within a few seconds, when in fact he had only shrunk himself to insect size. If a fight starts to get serious, Blyue will transition to his original size to quickly finish off his stunned opponent.


Blyue was once in the Giant Warrior Pirates, but the ship was sunk in a severe storm 100 years ago. Blyue shrunk to human size so his friends would put him on some parts of the ship so he could survive. He believed that Brogy and Dorry had drowned, which they thought of him as well. However, Blyue survived and washed up on “Holiday Island for Pirates”.

He felt his pirate honor was offended and never wanted to be a pirate again until his friends lived. When he heard about the legend of the blue and that it could be used to make a wish come true, he had an idea: he would open an inn and send the pirates who came on a treasure hunt. But no one made it for 100 years, until Luffy and his friends showed up. Blyue captured Vivi and challenged the blue. He subsequently fought with Luffy when Vivi escaped him. Blyue lost, but still got his wish. However, since his friends were still alive, the only wish granted was for them to be okay. Blyue finally shattered. When Luffy told him that Brogy and Dorry were still alive, he was glad and also believed to have his pirate honor back when he still apologized to Luffy and forgave him the debt.

He told Luffy that he would be a pirate again someday, too. But first he wanted to find a crew that was as great as Luffy’s.


  • Years after the game’s release, the Mini Mini Fruit also appeared in the anime, but was eaten by Lily Enstomach.
  • Blyue and Lily’s abilities and powers are reminiscent of Marvel Comics heroes Ant-Man and Wasp, who could also shrink to bug size and retain their actual physical powers or grow to giant size.

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