Bluejam of One Piece

Bluejam was captain of the Bluejam Pirates.


Bluejam is a burly, middle-aged man. He has black hair combed into the nape of his neck as well as a half bald head. He wears a black cloak, not unlike that of a naval officer.


Bluejam is a merciless man, who only executed his subordinate Porchemy because he lost to Sabo and Ace and thus couldn’t recover the stolen money. His dream has always been to be one of the nobles of Goa and to achieve this he is willing to do anything. He is extremely stuck up and didn’t see Ace and Dadan as real opponents, but mocked them as they were just a woman and a child.

Skills & Strength

The very fact that Bluejam is the captain of a band of pirates makes him dangerous. He fights with a gun. He tried to kill Luffy and Ace several times, but never succeeded, only managing to capture them during the Gray Terminal fire and tie them to a tree in the middle of the sea of flames. However, they were both able to free themselves from this as well. Unlike his crew, he also survived the outbreak of Ace’ Haoushoku seemingly unscathed. He trusts in his strength and manhood. So he made fun of Dadan and Ace, since only a woman and a child were facing him, which he didn’t perceive as serious opponents.


Preparing for the Plan

Bluejam realizes thathe was tricked

After Porchemy unsuccessfully tried to get Luffy to tell him where Ace and Sabo’s money was hidden, Bluejam met his subordinate. Since Porchemy failed to recover the money, Bluejam killed him with his pistol.

Later, Bluejam delivered Sabo’s father to him. Bluejam did not kill Luffy and Ace, but persuaded them to help him with his work, as he was looking for new strong men. The pirate gang then set up several crates of oil and dynamite around Gray Terminal, which they would later ignite to destroy the pile of garbage. In return, Bluejam was to receive the title of nobility from the upper class and also be allowed to live in the upper city of Goa. This, however, he told Luffy and Ace only after the job was done. Before he started the fire, however, he tied the two boys to a tree and wanted them to tell him where their treasure was hidden. When both refused, Bluejam left them to their fate and lit the trash pile on fire. When he then tried to get to safety with his gang and went to the city gates, they were locked and no one opened for him. Too late, Bluejam realized that he had been tricked.

The Gray Terminal is on fire

Dadan Attacks Bluejam

After Bluejam realized that he had been fooled, he tried to escape with his ship, but it had also been engulfed by the flames. Thus, he knew that he would soon die if he did not escape the flames as soon as possible. He decided to take Luffy and Ace with him to their deaths. He also wanted to know where the hiding place of Ace’s and Sabo’s treasure was. Luffy said that it would take his two brothers a long time to gather it. Ace, on the other hand, decided to reveal the location of the money. Their lives were more important, he said. However, after revealing everything, Bluejam still held the two of them captive. There was still a chance that they had lied.

Ace was visibly enraged, but the pirate captain pointed his gun at him. The latter planned to make a return and take revenge on the nobility. He also referred to Sabo as such a snoot, though Ace angrily denied this. Bluejam insisted on his opinion, saying that Sabo was merely using him and Luffy to let some time pass. When some pirates tried to kill Luffy, Ace threw a tantrum.

The buccaneers then fell over unconsciously. Only Bluejam remained standing and pushed the ten year old to the ground. He was now going to kill him. At that moment Dadan appeared and stopped the pirate captain from doing so with an axe. While their gang took care of Luffy and carried him to their quarters, Dadan and Ace confronted the pirate captain, as Dadan’s escape order was ignored by Ace. Bluejam mocked his opponents, as he felt they were no match for him. It was later learned that Ace and Dadan had won the fight against Bluejam, but Dadan had suffered severe burns in the process, so Ace carried her back to camp where she was tended to by her gang.


  • His favorite foods were vodka and fancy food.

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