Bluejam Pirates

The Bluejam pirate gang was active 10 years ago – when Ace and Luffy were still young.


Ace and Sabo had the dream of becoming pirates back then. To be able to afford equipment and ship, they robbed residents and visitors of their home island over five years and accumulated the treasures in a secret place. One day, Ace stole a lot of money from a member of the Bluejam pirate gang in this way. However, since the two were known for their deeds all over the island, some members of the gang came menacingly close to the boys’ hideout while searching for Ace. Through his recklessness, Luffy, who knew of the two friends’ hiding place, allowed himself to be caught by Porchemy, a member of the gang. The pirates soon learned that Luffy knew both Ace and the hiding place of the money. The latter, however, bravely kept silent, despite being tortured by Porchemy with spiked gloves. When Luffy, himself badly battered, would not say a word, Porchemy decided to kill him. Just before he could put this into action, Ace and Sabo burst into the hideout and prevented it. They learned that Luffy was not revealing anything about the treasure despite being tortured, so they protected him. Luffy was freed and the pirates were defeated. Later, Porchemy lay before his captain, ending the latter’s life with a gunshot due to his defeat by Kinder.

Later, Bluejam allied himself with Sabo’s father, a nobleman. He captured Sabo on his behalf, as he had run away from his home. Luffy and Ace, on the other hand, were taken to his lair, where Bluejam enlightened them that he wished for nothing more than to be noble. Afterwards, the pirate captain forgave them for the Porchemy incident and gave them work. They were to distribute crates on the Gray Terminal. As it turned out, the crates contained oil and gunpowder. The Gray Terminal was to be burned down because a world aristocrat was on his way to Goa. The eyesore of the city had to be removed for this. When Ace and Luffy found out about this and eventually tried to stop it again, they were tied up and locked in a shack in Gray Terminal. Bluejam had been ordered by the king to start a fire, in return for which he and his men would be elevated to nobility. However, this was a trap and the Bluejam pirate gang, after starting the fire, were not allowed back into the city. Along with the people from Gray Terminal, they were to be killed as pirates as well.

During their escape, the pirates again encountered Luffy and Ace, who were encircled by them. Since they started the fire along with Bluejam, he also demanded that the two die with him. But before that, he wanted to know the hiding place of their treasure. Luffy protested at first, but Ace relented, saying their lives were more important. After they revealed the hiding place, Bluejam still wouldn’t let them go, as they might have been lying after all. In his zeal, he plotted to take revenge on the nobility, also calling Sabo a snoot. When Luffy was finally slashed by a sword, Ace threw a tantrum. The pirates – except for Bluejam – collapsed in response. With his pistol, Bluejam threatened to shoot Ace, pinning him to the ground. Suddenly, Dadan appeared with her band of mountain pirates and prevented Ace’s death. Since Ace never ran away from an enemy, he decided to fight Bluejam. Dadan couldn’t understand this, but after some deliberation, stood by him anyway while their band of mountain robbers carried Luffy to safety. Eventually, Bluejam lost out and was defeated. It is assumed that he and his men perished in the fire.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:Bluejam14. 300,000unknown

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