Blue Fan of One Piece

Blue Fan is an Amazon and belongs to the Kuja tribe.


Blue Fan is a very small girl compared to the other Kuja warriors. She has orange hair, in which she has fastened two yellow hair clips in the form of two small balls. Her brown eyes are striking, as well as her pink lips. She wears a white cape, similar to that of a naval officer. With it, she has on a pink top as well, with a light green, small necklace. Around her waist she wears a black piece of cloth and on her feet she wears normal boots. Around her body is also a light blue snake.

Personality and strength

Almost nothing is known about Blue Fan’s strength, except that she must have some strength, since she is a member of the Kuja pirate gang, where only the strongest Amazons are known to join. Nothing is known about her personality either, aside from her dislike of men and her childlike nature.


Blue Fan makes her first appearance when the Kuja pirates sail back home from their raid. There she is recognized as a member of the pirate gang.

After Luffy rang the bell of the Ox-Loyd, he sailed back on a Kuja ship. Blue Fan was one of the Amazons who pulled on Luffy’s arm to test his elasticity.


  • As with all the residents of the island Amazon Lily, her name is derived from a plant. In her case, it is Scaevola aemula, which is called Blue Fan in English.
  • Oda didn’t reveal her name until the SBS for volume 54.

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