Bliking Pirates

The Bliking Pirates was Wapol’s gang. He has since become king of the land of Black Drum and the gang has disbanded.

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Drum has always been ruled by tyrants. When the Blackbeard pirate band attacked the kingdom over two years ago, Wapol ruled the land. However, since Blackbeard’s men were unbeatable, the king fled the island along with his soldiers and doctors, leaving his people to their fate. Only Wapol’s former garrison chief, Dalton, stayed behind to protect the people from the pirate attack. Although the attack destroyed the entire land, the people were now also rid of their ruthless ruler. So the inhabitants of the island rebuilt the destroyed villages bit by bit and ruled their kingdom from then on – through Dalton as their elected deputy – themselves.


After Wapol and his gang had been at sea for some time, however, he decided to return to his throne. Shortly before the Straw Hat Pirates reached Drum, they met Wapol and his men, and a short fight ensued, as a result of which Wapol was thrown into the sea.

With a seriously ill Nami in tow, the Straw Hats finally anchored on Winter Island, where they met Dalton. When the tyrant Wapol suddenly claimed a right to rule again after his escape, a battle finally ensued against him and his forces. In cooperation between Luffy, Dalton and the recently met reindeer Chopper, this was ultimately won and Wapol was thus finally driven out.

After all these events, Wapol became the head of a large toy industry, which is why his pirate gang no longer exists. Due to the success of his corporation, he even rose again to become the king of a country, Black Drum, which was awarded to him by the world government.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:WapolnoneMunch Munch Fruit
Member:MusshuruUnknownMushroom Fruit


  • The pirate gang shares the same name as Wapol’s ship.

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