Blamenco of One Piece

Blamenco is commander of Whitebeard’s sixth division.


Blamenco is a bit smaller than the rest of the gang, but also a bit fatter. He has a large mouth, thick lips, a small nose and slightly smaller eyes. Noticeable are the two pockets that are on his neck. Blamenco wears a small pointed hat with the symbol of the Whitebeard pirate gang on it. On his body he wears dungarees that have been decorated with a skull and crossbones of a pig.

Skills and strength

Blamenco’s devilish powers

Not much is known about Blamenco’s strength, but since he is one of Whitebeard’s commanders, it is reasonable to assume that he must be very strong. Blamenco possesses the powers of the pocket fruit. This allowed him to pull out a gigantic hammer from one of the pockets on his neck, which he is good with.



The pirates advance again

Blamenco joined in attacking the Navy at the very beginning and fought throughout. He later reunited with the captains and commanders as Little Oars Jr. brought the black Moby Dick forward with his last ounce of strength. After Ace’ and Whitebeard’s deaths, the entire Whitebeard gang, including Blamenco, stood in Akainu’s way to prevent him from killing Luffy as well.


  • If Usopp was a devil fruit user, he would have eaten the pocket fruit.

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