Blackbeard Pirates

The Blackbeard Pirates is an extremely powerful pirate crew despite its small size and short existence. The captain of the force is the Emperor Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard.

Previous story

Marshall D. Teach pursues the goal of becoming a pirate king. To achieve this dream, he developed a plan ages ago, which has since been modified from time to time due to complications. His first step was to find the Dark Fruit, an overpowered devil fruit of the Logia type, without attracting the attention of the world.

Hoping to get the fruit he was looking for in this gang, Teach joined the Whitebeard pirate gang a long time ago. However, when the Devil’s Fruit was found by another member of the gang after decades of secret searching, Teach summarily killed him and fled with the fruit. To atone for the comrade’s murder, its former commander, Ace, pursued the killer across the Grand Line.


Rise to the Samurai of the Seas

Blackbeard, meanwhile, restructured his advancement plan and as a result formed the Blackbeard Pirates and recruited four members, complete with horse. Since the murder of Thatch, the commander of the fourth division, and thus the departure from Whitebeard’s crew was spontaneous in nature, it can be assumed that the members of his new troop were recruited only after the betrayal. When and where he met them, however, is as yet unknown. Since his attempt to remain unnoticed had failed, he completely gave up his slumbering attitude and acted with his new gang from now on pirate-customary. Thus, more than two years ago, the Blackbeard gang also raided the winter island of Drum and devastated the whole country. It wasn’t until months after this branding that Ace stopped by Drum in search of the traitor.

Although Blackbeard had now eaten the dark fruit, he had at the same time made himself an enemy of the entire Whitebeard gang. For this reason, he decided to temporarily ally himself with the world government, hoping to gain some sort of great lightning rod for Whitebeard’s atonement. To carry out this next step of his plan, he instructed Laffitte, the navigator of his new force, to propose him as successor to Crocodile at the meeting of the Samurai. So the latter – probably with the help of a devil’s power – went to Mary Geoise and introduced Marshall D. Teach as a samurai aspirant. However, since Blackbeard had hitherto hidden behind Whitebeard, he was an unknown quantity internationally and had to demonstrate his power to the world government in advance in order to join.

As discussed, the remaining members of the Blackbeard gang waited in Jaya for the return of their navigator. When Luffy’s bounty of 100 million became known there, Teach recognized the rookie as a suitable victim to demonstrate his power to the government and therefore set off in pursuit of the Straw Hats together with his followers. But when they finally reached them on the open sea, a sudden knock-up stream saved the Straw Hats from their attackers.

Some time later, the Blackbeard gang on Banaro learned of the nearby whereabouts of the Straw Hat Pirates and decided to give chase a second time. Before it could leave the island, however, it was intercepted by Blackbeard’s former superior, Ace. In a brief conversation with the latter, Blackbeard tried in vain to win Ace over to his crew. Afterwards, the captain and his former superior engaged in a fierce battle, which Blackbeard finally won. Teach delivered the stricken Ace to the world government and thus secured the title of Samurai of the Seas.

The Great Battle of Marine Ford

Blackbeard was therefore present at the conference for the battle against the Whitebeard gang, where he was supposed to be on the side of the navy, like all samurai. Instead of fulfilling this role, however, Blackbeard made his way to Impel Down during the battle with his crew and the government’s newfound confidence, forcibly gaining entry and recruiting Shiryu and four sixth-level prisoners for the Blackbeard Gang. The strengthened – now ten-man – Blackbeard Gang then made their way to Marine Ford, where the great battle between the Marine and Whitebeard pirate gangs was in full swing. There, before the eyes of the entire world, they delivered the coup de grace to the already severely weakened Edward Newgate. In a hitherto unexplained manner, Blackbeard immediately appropriated Whitebeard’s devil power and has since possessed the earthquake power in addition to the darkness power. In an impulsive speech he now announced that he was invincible and declared war on the entire world. His plan had worked!

Ascent to the Emperor Gang

After Whitebeard’s death, a power vacuum was created, as countless territories in the New World were once the Emperor’s territory. A year after the battle, in a war of retribution between the Blackbeard pirates and the remaining members of the Whitebeard pirate gang, led by Marco, Blackbeard was able to prevail and establish himself as emperor of the New World. The Whitebeard pirate gang then went into hiding. Thus, he rose to become one of the most powerful pirates in the New World.

Currently, Teach and his crew are hunting down powerful devil power users to kill and steal their abilities.


The next target of the gang was the former devil fruit of Ace, the Fire Fruit. For this reason, Jesus Burgess participated in Donquixote Doflamingo’s tournament under the name “Mr. Store”, the winner of which would receive this fruit as a prize. He easily defeated all the competitors in the A block, qualifying for the finals. During a conversation between Cavendish and Bartolomeo, he eventually learned that Straw Hat Luffy was also participating in the tournament under a false name. Burgess was pleased to hear this news and immediately reported it to his captain via a Den-den Mushi. They also discussed whether the gang could trust former Navy Admiral Kuzan, which Burgess denied.

Teach disagreed, however, since otherwise they would be just as unable to trust Shiryu. The conversation was interrupted with the appearance of Luffy. Teach welcomed him and reminded him of his brother Ace’s execution two years ago. If the powers of the Fire Fruit were to become the property of his gang, it would be as if Ace had joined his gang, just as Teach had suggested to him back on Banaro. Luffy replied that he would not allow Burgess to win this tournament. Both Burgess and Teach had to laugh heartily at this statement.

In the finale, Jesus Burgess faced his final opponents Bartolomeo, Lucy, Rebecca, as well as Diamante, a commander of Donquixote Doflamingo’s pirate gang, in a final Battle Royale. His primary target was the fake Lucy, behind whose disguise he still suspected Luffy. The tournament was over when Sabo collapsed the ring with a single attack and ate the Fire Fruit. Burgess now realized that not Straw Hat Luffy could be the person behind the disguise and was frustrated that he had lost the Devil Fruit to him and could not complete his mission. Burgess now had it in for Sabo and ambushed him in a secluded side street, but he was clearly outmatched and defeated by him.

Attack on Baltigo

After the fight against Sabo, Burgess dragged himself, badly injured, onto a ship and hid there. He then lost consciousness and was unable to contact his crew. When he woke up again, he contacted Laffitte via Den-den Mushi. Laffitte told him that the Blackbeard gang had already searched for him on Dress Rosa, but could not find him. When asked about his current whereabouts, Burgess replied that although he did not know the island, he had apparently landed on a Revolutionary ship and was now at Revolutionary headquarters. Burgess asked that the Blackbeard gang seek him out by means of his vivre card, and that in any event Doc Q should come along to treat his serious injuries.

As it later turned out, the Blackbeard gang had indeed attacked and completely destroyed Baltigo. Before the navy and Cipher Pol arrived on Baltigo, the Blackbeard gang fled.

Stay on the Pirate Island

While the Levely was taking place, Blackbeard’s band of pirates stayed on Pirate Island and heard the rise of Luffy as the fifth emperor, announced by the World Economic newspaper. At the same time, a subordinate of Blackbeard, Peachbeard, staged riots in the kingdom of Lulusia, but he and his gang were defeated and captured by commanders of the revolutionaries as well as the inhabitants.

A short time later, Gecko Moria made an appearance on the island and attacked it in search of his subordinate Absalom, who arrived there a few days earlier. Catharina Devon was able to distract him using her devil power, so that Shiryu was eventually able to surprise him from behind using his newly acquired devil power, the Invisibility Fruit, which was once in Absalom’s possession. Blackbeard spoke up via speakerphone and suggested he join his gang, whereupon he continued, telling of the beginning of the battle for the throne.

After the Levely and a resulting newspaper report, Blackbeard had his men set sail to get to “something” before the Navy.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Admiral:Marshall D. Teach2.247.600.000Darkness Fruit and Earthquake Fruit
Captain of the 1st ship
(and helmsman)
Jesus Burgess20.000.000 *Unknown
Captain of the second ship:ShiryuUnknownInvisibility Fruit
Captain of the 3rd ship
(and gunner)
Van Augur64.000.000 *Unknown
Captain of the fourth ship:Avalo PizarroUnknownUnknown
Captain of the 5th ship
(and navigator)
Laffitte42.200.000 *anonymous
Captain of the sixth ship:Catarina DevonUnknownDog fruit, model: Kyuubi
Captain of the 7th vessel:Sanjuan WolfUnknownanonymous
Captain of the 8th vessel:Vasco ShotUnknownUnknown
Captain of the 9th ship
(and ship’s doctor)
Doc Q72.000.000 *Unknown
Allies and subordinate pirates/pirate gangs:

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