Bingo of One Piece

Bingo is a resident of Wano Country. He is a priest and criminal who worked with Bungo and Bongo.


Bingo before he was exploited by Komurasaki

Bingo is an older gentleman with a bald head and a long face. His appearance is very unkempt, so he has a fuzz of beard and is missing some teeth. His light-colored kimono is also frayed. In contrast, thirteen years ago he had a mohawk and all his teeth.


Bingo is an unscrupulous swindler who didn’t even stop at mourners and shamelessly fleeced them. Together with Bongo and Bungo he even planned that people would die by their deeds so that he could earn from it.

However, he also gave in completely to his passion for the courtesan Komurasaki and believed her words, so that he drove himself to ruin in order to ransom her. When he learned that she, on the other hand, had only ripped him off, he became angry and, knowing that it would also mean his death, wanted to kill her to avenge his misery. However, even after losing everything and finding shelter in Ebisu village, he was arrogant and considered himself superior to the residents there. Although Tonoyasu gave his house to the three criminals, they showed him no gratitude.


Thirteen years ago, Bingo, Bongo, and Bungo tried their hand at grave robbing at the Northern Cemetery in Ringo, but they were put to flight by Kawamatsu aka Gyukimaru. At an unknown time, the three then worked out another scam. For example, Bungo acted as an arsonist and set houses on fire, which allowed Bongo’s carpentry business to make huge sales and Bingo to make money by taking money out of the pockets of the bereaved families of those who perished in the fire as an undertaker and monk, but the three fell in love with the courtesan Komurasaki. The latter independently fooled them into thinking they were in love with her, and was thus able to trick them into bankrupting themselves by giving away all their possessions and more in order to be able to ransom her. Bingo kept giving her smaller sums and trusting her to pick it up, but she spent it all. Then when he got the last installment together and rushed to her, he was only laughed at by those present and found out he had been framed. He was then beaten up by the courtesan’s guards and left the estate.


When Komurasaki went to Orochi’s castle for the banquet, Bingo, Bongo and Bungo stood in her way and sought revenge, but they were easily defeated by one of the courtesan’s guards and banished from the capital. The three then went to Ebisu, where Tonoyasu let them stay in his house, but they showed disrespect to the other residents and their patron.

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