Bill of One Piece

Bill is the captain of the Silver Pirate Alliance. The pirate alliance consists of many small pirate gangs that have joined Bill. Together they eliminate other opposing pirate gangs to become the best in the world, so they can fulfill their dreams.

This article contains information that is unique to the One Piece – Gold special episodes.


Bill is a slim but muscular man and has longer light brown hair. On his head he wears a red Bandana with a scar-shaped light pattern on it and sunglasses. He also wears silver earrings and a chin beard. His outer clothing consists of a dark blue sleeveless vest with fur lining and a necklace with a silver pendant. A brown bracelet is visible on his right wrist. His purple tight fitting pants are held in place with a brown belt that is tied several times around his waist. A silver “S” is visible on the belt buckle, while a red fringed scarf is attached to the left side of the belt itself. A large blue star is depicted on the left thigh of his trousers. Brown lace-up boots serve as footwear.


Bill is greatly admired by his pirate alliance. He dreams of building the best pirate gang in the world by taking out opposing pirates. He formed the Pirate Alliance because he believes that together they can defeat any strong pirate, even the Four Emperors. He tells his crew that they are very important to him, which is why he works to make sure they can fulfill their dreams just like his own. In truth, he doesn’t care about his subordinates and was without concern when he heard Desire fell into an abyss. Further, he makes deals with Gild Tesoro behind his people’s backs. He also threw his people into the silver mine and forced them to work there because they failed in their attempt to deliver him treasures and wanted pirates. Also, when he was about to fail in the fight against Luffy, he deceived his people by calling Desire a traitor and asking them to kill the pirate and the Straw Hat.

Skills & Strength

Bill’s power of boiling fruit

Bill has the boiling fruit ability and can melt materials, such as ore, by eating them first. He can also create metals and forge weapons from them, which he then pulls out of his stomach. If he eats a large amount of ore at once, his strength apparently increases enormously. Thus he became a red-hot mountain of muscle, causing the whole of Silver Mine to melt and thus sink. In this way, he attacked Luffy and his friends with an avalanche of molten ore. He is also able to strengthen his body with a silver alloy and create a large glowing ball of ore. With his powers, Bill is also able to turn his enemies into metal statues.

He also has some talent with weapons, such as swords and axes, and so attacked Bartolomeo with two silver swords.


Bill’s losing to Tesoro.

Once Bill’s band of pirates, with the resources of his money alone, was crushed by Gild Tesoro. Thereupon he subordinated himself to him and delivered him a tribute in the form of silver ingots every month.

He later attacked the Sweet pirate gang, led by Desire, killing all but their leader and three other members. He presented himself to them as a savior, earning their trust and loyalty. From then on, the surviving Sweet pirates joined his alliance.

Then, a year ago, the Silver Pirate Alliance reached the New World. Since then, they have finished off more than a hundred rival pirate gangs.


Bill speaks to his followers.

As the Straw Hat Pirates, along with Trafalgar Law and the Barto Club, were on their way to Zou, Bill made his first appearance alongside Peseta. After his subordinates successfully captured Monkey D. Luffy and brought him to the Silver Mine, Bill addressed his followers to thunderous applause and inquired about the captures he had won, when Desire appeared on the scene and presented Luffy, trapped in a silver sphere. After a speech in which he motivated his people and thanked them, but also got the same in return, he turned to the straw hat, demonstrated his devil power and wanted to finish him off. But Bartolomeo appeared and together he and Luffy escaped. Bill then ordered his men to give chase.

Bill can’t do anything.

Bill retired and received a visit from Tanaka, the guard at Gran Tesoro. He had Peseta show the visitor the monthly shipment of silver bullion and asked Tanaka to order the “monster from the New World” nice greetings. But their conversation was interrupted by a Den-den Mushi call Peseta received, and they were informed that the Straw Hat and Desire had fallen into the abyss. Bill ordered Peseta to call Aveyron to take care of the matter and later caught up on the situation. Aveyron reported to him that everything was fine and that they had fallen deeper into the mine maze, whereupon Bill told him to make sure he finished them off. Shortly after, the rest of the Sweet pirates showed up at his place and told him their concerns about Desire, but Bill lied to them, telling them that he had already sent more units to rescue her.

Once in the depths, the three fugitives learned what Bill was like in reality and that former silver pirates who could not satisfy him were forced to dig for ore there from dawn to dusk. As a result, they were able to defeat Aveyron, but Bill had been informed of this and decided to go there with Peseta and bury her in the mine. However, after Peseta was defeated by Zoro, Bill confronted the opponents and cut off their escape route. Desire then confronted him and Bill revealed to her his true intentions and that it was he who attacked her and the Sweet pirate gang back then and murdered her comrades.

Bill is losing to Luffy.

He continued to make fun of Desire until Luffy finally snapped and attacked him. The leader of the Silver Pirate Alliance went on the counterattack, but he could do nothing against the straw hat. Only the arrival of some of his followers, whom he managed to convince that Desire was a traitor, seemed to turn the tide, but they too were outgunned by Luffy and were knocked out by Luffy’s King Shaki.

Bill was then attacked by him again and pushed into the abyss, where Tanaka appeared and informed him that the “Monster of the New World” would certainly not be pleased with his defeat and threatened to depose him. Out of fear, Bill resorted to a drastic means and ate an enormous amount of ore, turning him into a blistering mountain of muscle. He confronted the Straw Hat again and flooded the area with the molten ore, but his attacks threatened to collapse the Silver Mine.

Bartolomeo was able to deflect the attack and turn it on Bill himself, but his body was coated with a silver alloy from absorbing the huge amount of ore. In the decisive clash of two powerful attacks, Luffy was able to hold his ground and hurl Bill away. Silver Mine then sank into the sea, and Tanaka reported to Gild Tesoro that Bill had sunk with it.

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