Big Mom Pirates

Big mom’s pirate gang is one of the most powerful in the entire world. Their leader, Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors until her defeat on Onigashima by the Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Lawzählt. Her current headquarters is Whole Cake Island in the New World. This is located in their territory, the archipelago of Totto Land. One peculiarity is that the Big Mom pirate gang consists almost entirely of Big Mom’s own children, and alliances are arranged through marriages of convenience. Similar to the other emperors, many islands in the New World are under Big Mom’s protection. However, this is more like a business deal with Big Mom, only offering islands this security service in exchange for a monthly payment of ten tons of candy. Islands that don’t hold up their end of the bargain are destroyed.


During the two-year time jump

After Whitebeard’s death, Fish-Man Island was thus also under the protection of Big Mom’s flag and had to provide a monthly shipment of several tons of candy. Furthermore, the Sun Pirates joined Big Mom’s fleet.

In addition, four Supernovae pirate gangs ventured into Big Mom’s territory during the time jump, the Kid Pirates, the On Air Pirates, the Fallen Monk Pirates, and the Fire Tank Pirates. However, three pirate gangs were driven off without significant success, while Capone Bege and crew joined Big Mom’s fleet. Only Urouge was able to defeat Candy Commander Snack, who was subsequently relieved of his post.

Luffy’s declaration of war on Big Mom

While the Straw Hat Pirates was on Fish Man Island, the candy factory intended for it was badly damaged by Hody’s attempted takeover, and candy production was forced to cease. The candy already produced was later eaten at a large celebration after Hody’s defeat. When two members of Big Mom’s pirate gang learned of this during an inspection visit with Tamago and Pekoms, Luffy offered Big Mom three large bags of treasure in exchange for an extended two-week wait. Although Big Mom’s pirate gang had lost two ships to an attack by Eustass Kids shortly before and could therefore put the treasures to good use, Big Mom decided against this compromise. Luffy, realizing the impending danger to Fish Man Island, announced to Big Mom via Den-den Mushi that the island was now under his protection and that he would defeat Big Mom in the New World.

Totto Land

After Big Mom arranged a wedding between her daughter Pudding and Sanji with Vinsmoke Judge and forced him to cooperate by threatening to kill his friends in the Baratié, Luffy traveled after his Cook with some Straw Hats and Minks. The wedding was to take place during the so-called tea party, to which many big names of the underworld were also invited, and seal an alliance between the Big Mom pirate gang as well as Germa 66. Although Big Mom’s family managed to capture the Straw Hat in the meantime, he was able to escape through Jinbe’s help, who renounced the Empress.

Together with Capone Bege and his Fire Tank pirate gang, the Sanji rescue team then formed an alliance to blow up the wedding and save Sanji. They destroyed the photo of Carmel and intended to exploit this moment of weakness to kill Big Mom with the Caesar Clown-made KX launchers, but the assassination attempt failed. However, since Big Mom never intended to let the Vinsmoke family escape the tea party alive and only wanted to appropriate their technology, they now supported Luffy’s alliance as well. Due to the collapse of the Chateau due to the Tamatebako explosion, Luffy and co. actually escaped and parted ways with Bege. Though they were pursued by the Big Mom pirate gang, they eventually managed to escape because the Sun Pirates and Germa 66 had their backs and stayed behind. The newspaper portrayed this event as a victory for Luffy and a devastating defeat for Big Mom, so Big Mom swore revenge on the Straw Hat.

Wano Country / Onigashima

Together with some of her children, she chased the Straw Hats all the way to Wano Country. While attempting to enter the island via the waterfall, King appeared and pushed them back down the waterfall. While her children survived the fall on the flagship, Big Mom landed in the water and washed up on the shore of Wano Country. The fall also caused her to lose her memory. She befriended Tama and with Chopper and others, they took advantage of her situation and brought her to the Udon Prison Mine. Although they were about saving Luffy, they told her about delicious food in Udon. In the on-site fight with Queen, she regained her memories and was taken to Kaidou, with whom she then formed an alliance. Her children heard about this alliance and were not necessarily thrilled, however a second attempt to enter the land via the waterfall also failed. This time it was Marco who threw them down again. Perospero then took the initiative and climbed the waterfall alone and went to Onigashima.

Meanwhile, his mother was also staying there, making the alliance official at the Fire Festival with Kaidou. However, the Straw Hats had formed an alliance with the Samurais from Wano Country, the Heart as well as the Kid Pirates and the Minks to defeat the two Emperors. When war broke out, Big Mom joined Kaidou where the Emperors were opposed by the new generation consisting of Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law. After a fierce exchange of blows, the young pirates managed to separate Big Mom and Kaidou, and Law and Kid confronted the Charlotte chief.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:Charlotte Linlin4.388.000.000Soul Fruit
1st Daughter & Minister of Fruits:Charlotte CompoteUnknownUnknown
2nd daughter:Charlotte MondéeUnknownUnknown
3rd Daughter & Nuts Minister of Nuts:Charlotte AmandeUnknownUnknown
4th daughter:Charlotte HachéeUnknownUnknown
5th daughter:Charlotte EffiléeUnknownUnknown
6th daughter:Charlotte CustardUnknownUnknown
7th daughter:Charlotte AngelUnknownUnknown
8th daughter:Charlotte brûléeUnknownMirror Fruit
9th daughter & meringue minister of Milence:Charlotte BroyéUnknownUnknown
10th daughter:Charlotte MashUnknownUnknown
11th Daughter & Love Minister of Loving:Charlotte CornstarchUnknownUnknown
12th daughter:Charlotte MozartUnknownUnknown
13th daughter & yeast minister of Kibo:Charlotte MarnierUnknownUnknown
14th daughter, commander & juice minister of 100%:Charlotte smoothie932.000.000Wring Fruit
15th Daughter & Egg Minister of Kimi:Charlotte CitronUnknownUnknown
16th daughter:Charlotte CinnamonUnknownUnknown
17th daughter:Charlotte MeliseUnknownUnknown
18th Daughter & Butter Minister of Margarine:Charlotte GaletteUnknownButter Fruit
19th daughter:Charlotte PoireUnknownUnknown
20th daughter:Charlotte PrimUnknownUnknown
21st Daughter & Design Minister of Unique:Charlotte pralineUnknownnone
22nd Daughter & Fluff Minister of Puffs:Charlotte ChiffonUnknownUnknown
23rd Daughter & Chocolate Minister of Cacao:Charlotte Lola24.000.000Unknown
24th daughter:Charlotte MarbleUnknownUnknown
25th daughter:Charlotte MyukuruUnknownUnknown
26th daughter:Charlotte MapleUnknownUnknown
27th daughter:Charlotte JocondeUnknownUnknown
28th daughter:Charlotte PannaUnknownUnknown
29th daughter:Charlotte JoscarponeUnknownUnknown
30 Daughter:Charlotte NutmegUnknownUnknown
31st daughter:Charlotte AkimegUnknownUnknown
32. daughter:Charlotte Allmegunknownunknown
33. daughter:Charlotte Harumegunknownunknown
34th daughter:Charlotte FuyumegUnknownUnknown
35 Daughter:Charlotte puddingUnknownMemory Fruit
36th Daughter & Honey Minister of Rokumitsu:Charlotte FlampeUnknownUnknown
39th daughter:Charlotte AnanaUnknownUnknown
1st Son & Candy Minister of Candy:Charlotte Perospero700.000.000Lick Fruit
2nd son, commander & flour minister of Wheat:Charlotte Katakuri1.057.000.000Mochi fruit
3rd Son & Bean Minister of Beans:Charlotte Daifuku300.000.000Lamp Fruit
4th Son & Roast Minister of Browned:Charlotte Oven300.000.000Heat Fruit
5th Son & Cream Minister of Noko:Charlotte OperaUnknownCream Fruit
6th son:Charlotte counterUnknownUnknown
7th son:Charlotte CadenzaUnknownUnknown
8th son:Charlotte CabalettaUnknownUnknown
9th son:Charlotte GalaUnknownUnknown
10th Son, Commander & Minister of Biscuits:Charlotte Cracker860.000.000Cookie Fruit
11. son & Minister of Alcohol of Liqueur:Charlotte ZuccottoUnknownUnknown
12th Son & Transport Minister of Package:Charlotte NusstorteUnknownnone
13th son:Charlotte BasskarteUnknownUnknown
14th Son & Tea Minister of Black:Charlotte DosmarcheUnknownUnknown
15th Son & Minister of Finance of Bank:Charlotte NoisetteUnknownUnknown
16th Son & Gelato Minister of Ice:Charlotte MoscatoUnknownUnknown
17. son & Pie Minister of Piepie:Charlotte CompoUnknownUnknown
18th son:Charlotte laurinUnknownUnknown
19th Son & Cheese Minister of Cheese:Charlotte Mont d’Or120.000.000Books-Fruit
20th son:Charlotte High FatUnknownUnknown
21st Son & Garnish Minister of Topping:Charlotte tabletUnknownUnknown
22nd Son & Essence Minister of Flavour:Charlotte Saint-MarcUnknownUnknown
23rd son:Charlotte BasansUnknownUnknown
24th Son & Jam Minister of Jam:Charlotte DacquoiseUnknownUnknown
25th son, former commander & fry minister of Potato:Charlotte snack600.000.000Unknown
26th son:Charlotte BavaroisUnknownUnknown
27 Son & Agar Minister of Jelly:Charlotte KantenUnknownUnknown
28. son & seed minister of Tanega:Charlotte KatouUnknownUnknown
29th son:Charlotte MontbUnknownUnknown
30th Son & Mix Minister of Sanshoku:Charlotte ChiboustUnknownUnknown
31st son & tasting minister of Futoru:Charlotte MobileUnknownUnknown
32. son:Charlotte brownieUnknownUnknown
33. son:Charlotte raisinUnknownUnknown
34th Son & Cutlery Minister of Cutlery:Charlotte mascarponeUnknownUnknown
35. son:Charlotte YuenUnknownUnknown
36. son:Charlotte NyuichiUnknownUnknown
37. son:Charlotte NyujiUnknownUnknown
38. son:Charlotte NyusanUnknownUnknown
39. son:Charlotte NewshiUnknownMixed fruit
40. son:Charlotte NyugoUnknownUnknown
41. son:Charlotte nougatUnknownUnknown
42nd son:Charlotte AnglaisUnknownUnknown
45. son:Charlotte DolceUnknownUnknown
46. son:Charlotte DragéeUnknownUnknown
Combatant (Springer):Tamago429.000.000Egg Fruit
Combatant:Pekoms330.000.000Turtle Fruit
Combatant (Runner):Bobbin105.500.000Unknown
Head chefStreusenUnknownCooking Fruit
Chef of the 1st kitchenBeechUnknownUnknown
Homie:Randolph (pirate)nonenone
Other Allies:
Gang/GroupLeaderbounty of the leaderDevil Fruit
Beasts Pirates
4 EmperorKaidou4.611.100.000Fish-Fruit
Sun Pirates:Jinbe>438.000.000none
Fire Tank Pirates:
Combatant (Tower):Capone Bege300.000.000Castle Fruit
Caesar clown300.000.000Gas Fruit
Germa 66:Vinsmoke JudgeUnknownUnknown


  • As it stands, the Big Mom pirate gang has the second highest combined bounty of any known pirate gang, just behind the Beasts Pirates.
  • The names of some of Big Mom’s children, as well as their sketches, were not revealed until One Piece magazines, Vol. 4 and 5.

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