Biera of One Piece

Biera took care of the boiler of Gasbad’s ship.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Dead End Adventure (2003).


Biera is an older man with little hair and a moustache. He wears typical working clothes consisting of dungarees, a blue shirt and gloves. He is also distinguished by his red nose.


Biera took his trade seriously and did not let just anyone into the boiler room. So he insulted and scared away some of Gasbad’s men who had to serve their sentence. He also has a good heart, as he found Adelle in the river and nursed her back to health, taking care of her all these years. Biera preferred to retreat to his boiler room, an indication of this is that many of the ship’s crew did not even know he worked on the ship.


Eight years ago, he found Adelle Bascúd in the river and nursed her back to health in the navy ship where he worked. Shortly after, Gasbad’s gang took over the ship, but as long as he continued to care for the boiler, Biera could stay there with his charge.


During the Dead End Adventure

In conversation with Shuraiya

In the boiler room, Shuraiya was about to destroy the boiler with an axe when Biera appeared and stopped him. Shuraiya told him about his intention to grab Gasbad’s head. He then grabbed a shovel and walked away. Before he left the room, however, Biera asked him his name. Later, while Luffy and Gasparde were in the middle of a fight, Sanji came into the boiler room. Biera handed him a bag of flour there, which would still be useful for Luffy’s fight. Sanji also learned of the boiler keeper’s plan to blow up the boiler and with it the entire ship. This eventually happened, however Biera was able to save himself along with Shuraiya and Luffy. On the small lifeboat he told Shuraiya that his sister, Adelle, was still alive. Shortly before Partia, Biera said goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates, as they were pursued by the navy. Biera then advised Shuraiya to start a new peaceful life with his sister and to give up his profession as a pirate hunter.


  • Biera was seriously ill and needed medicine.

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