Bian of One Piece

Bian is a dwarf from Tontatta, the dwarven dominion on Green Bit Island in the New World. After the events on Dress Rosa, she joined the newly formed Tontatta Pirates.


Like all dwarves, Bian is about the size of a human hand. She also has the long, pointed nose typical of her species. She has the bushy tail typical of dwarves. On her head she wears a hat like beekeepers used to wear back in the day, which also fits well with her devil fruit model. She has short brown hair and wears red lipstick. The upper half of her face is partially covered by a net. She wears a yellow scarf, a black and pink striped dress, and white gloves and shoes.

In her hornet form, Bian has an extra pair of arms. She also grows grey antennae and transparent wings.

Skills and strength

Bian possesses the power of the Beetle Fruit, Model Hornet, and is the leader of the “pink bee unit” of the Tontatta Kingdom, which speaks to a certain strength and leadership qualities in the dwarf. As a dwarf, she also possesses exceptional speed and strength. She is armed with a lance.


Green bit

The first time Bian was seen was when Leo announced going to the Smile Factory under the Corrida Colosseum, where a total of 500 dwarves were being held as workers by Doflamingo. Together with Kabu, they prepared to attack the Corrida Colosseum.

Operation SOP

The dwarves made their way with Robin and Usopp to the underground port, which was located under the Coliseum. There, the target of their attack was also staying in the Commander’s Tower: Sugar. If the Devil Fruit user was defeated, all the toys would change back to their original form and thus the people would remember what Doflamingo did to them. In the Commander’s Tower, Leo wanted to sneak a Tatababasco orb into Sugar’s basket, but Robin stopped him, saying it would be too dangerous with Trébol around. Robin had Bian create a diversion instead. The dwarf had her hornets attack Ibusu’s band of pirates, causing them to panic. The disguised Robin then told Trébol that the pirate gang had gone mad, so he had to stop them. The commander then set off. Bian supported her comrades in the fight against Sugar shortly after. She was later seen after Usopp unexpectedly defeated Sugar, but was badly injured. At the thought that Usopp might have sacrificed himself because of her, tears came to all the dwarves.

Conquest of the Smile Factory

After Doflamingo raised his birdcage over the island, the dwarves took Usopp, Robin as well as their other allies to the Coliseum for now. There, Rebecca, Bartolomeo, Robin, Leo, and Kabu later decided to go to the palace to bring Luffy the keys to Law. The rest of the dwarves, which included Bian, headed to the Smile factory to help Franky free the enslaved dwarves. Bian used her hornets this time to place insects on the windows of the Smile factory in such a way that they formed the words “We were tricked”. This caused a revolt inside the factory, causing the enslaved dwarves to start fighting back against their tormentors. The dwarves inside the factory managed to open the doors, allowing Franky and the other dwarves to enter the factory. After Kyuin and Senor Pink were defeated, Franky and the dwarves began to destroy the factory. However, the birdcage soon began to shrink. Since the exterior of the factory was made of sea stone, the dwarves used it to push them against the birdcage. After Luffy’s victory, the dwarves saluted their commander Kyros, who thanked them for a job well done.

Foundation of the Tontatta Pirates

After the Straw Hats left Dress Rosa, the Tontatta Pirates formed and Bian became a member. They helped to rebuild Dress Rosa, so that the inhabitants gave them a ship, the Lysoland, as a thank you. Eventually their captain was invited to a meeting with King Riku Doldo III, which Bian also attended, and it turned out that the Tontatta pirate gang – or at least some of them – were wanted as escorts for the kingdom’s emissaries. Leo accepted the offer, and so Bian also made his way to Mary Geoise for the Levely. Once there, Rebecca quickly made friends with the princesses Shirahoshi and Vivi, but riots broke out, with Bian also present.

Back home

After completing the Levely, the dwarves began their journey back home. In the waters off Green Bit, they later discovered a Tarte ship. On board was the badly battered Pound, whom they brought ashore and treated on Dress Rosa.

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