Bepo of One Piece

Bepo is the navigator of the Heart pirate gang and is around Trafalgar Law most of the time. He had a brother named Zepo.


Bepo is a polar bear mink and accordingly has white fur. He wears an orange suit with the symbol of his gang on the left side of his chest, as well as brown boots. In Wano Country, his appearance has adapted to the culture of the land, so he has tied his fur, which is actually short, into a topknot at the end of his head, and wears a light-colored Yukata with two symbols of his gang on the left side. He also carries a sword in the waistband of his belt on his left side.


Bepo is a loyal member of Law’s gang and is usually by his side. He follows his captain’s orders immediately and without question. However, he otherwise comes across as rather insecure and thus apologizes every time someone criticizes him.

Skills and Strength

Bepo, much like Sanji, uses his legs in battle and is very fast. His captain puts a lot of trust in him, as Bepo is usually tasked with carrying his sword. He also displays a high level of mental strength, which allows him to withstand Silver’s Rayleigh’s Haki, among other attacks. As a Mink, Bepo is also capable of using Electro and transforming into his Su Long form during a full moon, though he has yet to display these abilities.

As the navigator of the Heart Pirates, he was the one who drew the map of Dress Rosa for Law. However, Nami wasn’t too thrilled with his skills, suggesting that her navigational skills were better than Bepo’s. Nonetheless, he and his crew made it to the New World.


Bepo was born on Zou in the New World. However, he left his home at the age of eight to chase after his big brother Zepo. He ended up on a ship that was sailing towards Northblue. Bepo finally landed on Swallow Island 13 years ago. There he met two boys, Shachi and Penguin, who bullied young Bepo. Law, who was also on Swallow after Corazón’s death, observed them and instigated a fight with Shachi and Penguin. He beat them both up, however, both Shachi and Penguin, as well as Bepo, began to take an interest in Law. Together, they formed the Heart pirate gang. In order to one day return to Zou, Bepo became the crew’s navigator.


Battle on the Sabaody Archipelago

Bepo in battle

Along with the rest of the crew, he was on the Sabaody Archipelago at the same time as the Straw Hat Pirates. After Luffy knocked down the World Aristocrat Saint Charlos, a battle began between the Navy and the Heart Pirates, the Kid Pirates, and the Straw Hat Pirates on Grove 1. After Luffy, Kid, and Law cleared out the first detachment of the Navy, the other members of the crews joined in. Just as a Marine soldier was about to attack Law, Law called out to Bepo, who immediately came to his aid and kicked the soldier away.

While fleeing the venue to avoid running into an admiral, Bepo discovered that the new member of the Heart pirate gang, Jean Bart, now had a lower rank than him, but he didn’t care due to his newfound freedom. Shortly after, they met up with the Kid and his gang and joined their fight against a Pacifista.

Marine Ford and Amazon Lily

Law and his crewappear in Marine Ford

After the broadcast of the execution was cut short in Marine Ford, Law told Bepo that they were setting sail, whereupon he ordered Jean Bart to follow him. After both Ace and Whitebeard died and the situation became increasingly hopeless for Luffy and the Whitebeard alliance, the Heart pirate gang showed up in Marine Ford and Law asked Jinbe to bring Luffy to his ship. Bepo then brought Luffy into the ship, where Law took over doctoring Jinbe and Luffy while the crew left Marine Ford. After Luffy’s emergency surgery, Hancock found Law’s ship and offered to take the Supernovae to Amazon Lily for the injured. She asked Bepo for a Den-den Mushi to contact a Kuja ship to take them to Lady Island.

Two weeks later, the gang was still on the island and the crew members were talking about the island full of women, with Bepo asking if there were any bear women there, which got him in trouble. Since men were not allowed to enter the women’s island, the Heart pirate gang’s submarine docked in a small cove, shielded from the rest of the island. The gang left the island again after Silver’s Rayleigh’s arrival.

Zou – Reunion with Law

The Heart pirates finally meet their captain again.

The Heart pirate gang temporarily parted ways with their captain Trafalgar Law during the time jump, settling on Punk Hazard a year after Marine Ford’s big battle. Bepo and the rest of the Heart pirates, meanwhile, had already sailed to Zou, Bepo’s home, and stayed there for a year. Because they were pirates, they were under the supervision of Nekomamushi. The pirates supported the Minks during Jack’s incursion on Zou and also fought the Beasts Pirates. They fought alongside Nekomamushi until Jack used Caesar’s poison gas weapon. However, they were saved by the help of the “Kringelhut Gang”.

Shortly after the arrival of Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, Bepo and his comrades attempted to settle a fight between the Straw Hat Captain and the Guardians. It was only after Wanda and Carrot’s intervention that the altercation was settled. Bepo and the rest of the Heart pirates were then pleased to hear from Luffy that Law had also arrived on Zou. They later met their captain again in the Whale Forest after a long time and were overjoyed. Later, the Heart pirate gang visited the Guardians’ residential district, where Law briefly introduced his gang to the Straw Hat pirates. Afterwards, they had a big party together. The next day, the Heart Pirates was already supposed to leave for Wano Country with a part of the Straw Hat Pirates to make preparations for the battle against Kaidou.

Wano Country

Bepo Eats a Poisoned Fish.

As it turned out, the Heart Pirates kept their promise and had left for Wano Country. There, the first three members to make an appearance were Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin. The three watched from the top of a mountain as Luffy and Zoro entered the city of Okobore and considered stopping them before they caused chaos, but they took no action for the time being until Luffy and Zoro entered the city of Bakura, where three headliners of the Beasts Pirates resided.

So they informed their captain, who immediately also feared that the two straw hats would attract attention. The situation did not improve, and to make matters worse, Bepo ate a poisoned fish from the river on the way to said city, which immobilized him.

However, they finally reached the ruins of Oden Castle and met the samurai and the Straw Hat Pirates there, whereupon the history of Wano Country as well as that of his group was explained to those present by Kinemon, while Bepo continued to lie knocked out on the ground. Along with the rest, he then saw the arrival of Emperor Kaidou in Kuri and narrowly escaped his attack by the devil power Shinobus. While Luffy was captured and Law took refuge in the forest, Bepo continued to work on the plan with those who remained, distributing messages to possible allies in Wano Country undetected.

Bepo is released

However, he, Shachi, and Penguin were later captured by the Beasts Pirates and held in a prison in the Rasetsu District in the Flower Capital to lure their captain out of the shadows. In the process, the lives of the three prisoners were bound to his using Hawkin’s devil powers, and Bepo was also taken to an unknown location. Forced to make a deal, Trafalgar Law allowed himself to be captured instead of his companions. However, under no circumstances were they allowed to tell Luffy that Law had been captured. Their connection with Hawkins was severed and they, along with the rest of the Heart Pirate gang, met up with Nami’s group and presented her with the revised message. However, the Heart pirates also mentioned among themselves that their captain’s life was ahead of schedule.

Attack on Onigashima

After Law escaped on his own, they reunited and began the attack on the day of the Fire Festival. On the open sea, they came to the aid of the samurai alongside all other allies. While part of the alliance infiltrated Onigashima, the Heart pirate gang with some “Red Sword Sheaths” circumnavigated the island in the Polar Tang, using Law’s devil powers from the backside to go directly inside Onigashima. Once at the back, Law teleported the Sword Sheaths, Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin to the mainland. Shortly after, battle broke out and the Heart pirates got involved. While their captain fought Kaidou and Big Mom on the top, Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin continued to fight 100-beast pirates inside. While doing so, they also heard Sanji’s cries for help and Tama’s words. After all the flying six were defeated, Bepo, Penguin, and Shachi stopped members of the 100-beast pirate gang from running to the concert hall. No one was to interfere with Zoro and Sanji’s battle against King and Queen…


  • His name most likely comes from the English word for polar bear, polar bear.
  • He shouts “Aye!” with every kick.
  • His quirk of apologizing for no reason is very reminiscent of Pagaya.
  • Bepo’s bounty, like Ace’s, was also announced at an event celebrating One Piece’s 15th anniversary, the One Piece-ten.
  • In addition, the back of his head can be seen on Trafalgar Law’s wanted poster. Another reference to the Straw Hat Pirates, where the back of Usopp’s head is shown on Luffy’s wanted poster.
  • His favorite food is Kakigōri (English for “scraped ice cream”).

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