Bentham v Daz Bonez

At the Special Agents meeting at Spider’s Café, the agents are waiting for Mr. 1 when they suddenly hear sounds of fighting from outside. Suddenly, the wall of the café collapses and Mr. 2’s gang flies in. They are all injured.

Mister 1, the cause of this little fracas, enters the room at that moment. As Akumai points at him, Mister 2 wants to avenge his comrades and attacks despite an attempted warning from Miss Merry Christmas. He tries to hit his opponent with a kick, but he is able to narrowly avoid it. In return, a punch fails as Mister 2 is also able to dodge. In the following exchange of blows neither of them can land a hit.

During another dodge attempt by Mister 1, he is hit in mid-air and flies through the wall of the café. He leaves a circular hole that looks like it was cut into the wall. He comes to a stop on his feet a few feet away and goes to counterattack. However, Pola aka Miss Doublefinger steps in and forbids him from such altercations. Thus the fight is over.

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