Bellamy Pirates

The Bellamy Pirates was a very violent pirate gang of the modern era, which was still growing when it met the Straw Hats in Mocktown, and was thus in search of new, suitable comrades-in-arms. Before joining, each potential member was put to a test, which they had to pass in order to join. The gang did not believe in dreams or legends, and thus had only one goal: to capture as much money as possible. For this they were willing to use any means. The captain of the gang was a rookie by the name of Bellamy, who had an impressive 55 million on his head. Above him stood only Donquixote Doflamingo as a kind of mentor of the gang.


The Bellamy Gang was headquartered at the Tropical Hotel in Mocktown, on Jaya. It was here that Luffy first met members of this pirate crew. They immediately told their captain about the newcomer with a bounty of 30 million. So Bellamy decided to test Luffy and if necessary take him into his crew. When it later became clear in a pub that the Straw Hats, and thus also Luffy, are dreamers and therefore believe in tales like those of Heaven Island, Bellamy abandoned his plan to recruit Luffy and confined himself to taunting him, beating him and throwing things at him. Since Luffy and Zoro had promised Nami in advance to avoid quarrels in the city, they let any attacks pass without lifting a finger.

Later, the Bellamy gang learned of Mont Blanc Cricket, an ancestor of Mont Blanc Noland, who had been diving for gold on the Jaya coast for years. While the Straw Hat gang, which had already befriended the diver, was searching for a Southbird, Bellamy’s crew ambushed him, knocked him down, and robbed him of the gold. When the Straw Hats returned and learned of this, Luffy decided to avenge his friend and get him his gold back. So he ran into town and challenged Bellamy to a fight. Still remembering the short-tempered Luffy from noon that same day, Bellamy confidently agreed to win and was then defeated by Luffy with just one punch.

Shortly after the defeat of his captain, the vice-president of the Bellamy gang, Bigknife Sarquiss, in a bad mood, bumped into Blackbeard in the street and was immediately rammed head first into the ground. Later the gang was visited by Donquixote Doflamingo. The latter declared that Bellamy had dragged his mark in the mud by losing to Straw Hat Luffy, and therefore had him defeated with the help of his devil powers in front of the entire crew of Bigknife Sarquiss. Bellamy mentioned two years later in conversation with Luffy that he was on Sky Island and that he lost his entire crew. Bellamy then attempted to be accepted into the Donquixote Pirates by winning the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:Bellamy55.000.000 *Spiral Fruit
Ship’s doctor:MuretUnknownnone

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