Bell-mère of One Piece

Bell-mère was Nami and Nojiko’s adoptive mother and a former member of the Navy. She was first mentioned in Nami’s mind when she betrayed Luffy and his crew. She was killed by Arlong.


Bell-mère wore a plaid shirt with the word “Mace” written on it. She also wore purple pants and sandals. Her hair color was red.

In Navy days, she wore a standard Navy uniform as worn in the enlisted ranks.


She was generally a friendly person and was very hostile towards pirates. This was also the reason why she joined the navy. When she was younger, she was very brash and rebellious according to Genzo. Although she used to steal herself, she slapped Nami in the face when she stole. Bell-mère was also very sensitive to the topic of adoption, so another time she slapped Nami for saying they were all not a real family at all. However, she tried as best as she could to be a good mother to her children, but she had very little money, which especially bothered Nami. The fact that she still told Arlong she had two more children, knowing full well it would mean their deaths, was a testament to her strength of character. She willingly sacrificed herself for her family.

I love you guys!
-Bell-mère to Nami and Nojiko shortly before her death.


In the Navy

Bell-mère returns from a battle with Nami and Nojiko.

Bell-mère joined the navy at an unspecified time, as she no longer wanted to put up with the tyranny of the pirates. She told her colleagues there that she wanted to fight Shiki when he came to the East Blue. She also read about his escape from Impel Down.

Once after a terrible battle, Bell-mère regained consciousness and discovered Nojiko carrying baby Nami. Together with them, she went back to Conomi Island. There, she asked Dr. Nako to take care of the two children, as they were running a high fever. After that, Bell-mère decided to adopt Nami and Nojiko.

Bell-mère and family life

Bell-mère beats Nami

When Nami stole a book, Genzo took her to Bell-mère. She didn’t take the matter seriously at all, but also made fun of Genzo a bit, asking if he had never stolen anything before. After Genzo left, Bell-mère slapped Nami across the face, as did Nojiko, who had also stolen before. Nami then showed her the map she drew. Bell-mère said that this was the first step to her dream of drawing a world map.

A little later, they were having dinner. When Nami asked why she wasn’t eating, Bell-mère replied that she was dieting. But in truth, she didn’t have enough money for food. Bell-mère showed Nami a new dress she had made. Nami then said that this was just an old dress of Nojiko’s that now had a lion’s head sewn on it. She also still said that Nojiko was not her real sister. Bell-mère slapped Nami for that remark. After also saying that she would rather have been adopted by rich people, Nami ran away.

Arrival of Arlong – The beginning of tyranny

Bell-mère attacks Arlong

Later that same day, the fish-man Arlong and his gang arrived at Conomi Island. He announced that the inhabitants should now pay tribute for their lives – 100,000 berry for adults and 50,000 berry for children. Those who could not pay would have to die. After collecting the money, they were about to leave, but Pisaro turned Arlong’s attention to Bell-mère’s house.

Arlong shoots Bell-mère

The latter was cooking for Nami and Nojiko when Arlong and his companions appeared. Arlong was just stepping in the door when Bell-mère brought him down with a kick and put a gun to his head. Arlong, however, simply snapped her rifle. He brought her to the ground and kicked her a few times. Genzo appeared and advised her to pay the money Arlong demanded. Bell-mère whispered in Genzo’s ear that she only had a little over 100,000 though. Unfortunately for her, however, Hatchan shouted to Arlong that it was covered for three. Genzo lied to Arlong that he and another friend were invited to Bell-mère’s for dinner. The fish people were about to leave, but Bell-mère called after them that the 100,000 was for her two daughters.

Lucky… saved.
One Hundred Thousand … for my two daughters … That’s all I have.
Forgive me, Genzo… I have a family… I’ll do anything for them…!!!
I won’t deny my children… I’m all they have!
– Bell-mère shortly before her death.

At that, Nami and Nojiko, who had been staying near the house the whole time, ran to her. Arlong stepped up to her, and Bell-mère demanded that Arlong not harm the two children. Genzo intervened and fired two pistols at Arlong. Blackbelt fended off those shots and scarred Genzo all over his body. A whole crowd of armed villagers also appeared, but they were all stopped by Arlong’s gang. Meanwhile, Arlong held a gun to Bell-mère’s head and pulled the trigger (in the anime, he shot her upper body). As a result, Bell-mère died.


  • Her name is derived from the French word belle mère. (Translated: stepmother)
  • Her hairstyle is called ‘tank girl’ in Japan.
  • Bell-mère’s favorite food was oranges
  • The exact naval rank she held at the time is unknown

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