Beer VI of One Piece

Beer VI is the king of the kingdom of Roshwan.


Beer VI is a middle-aged man with a distinctive head shape. He wears an Ushanka on his head. He has black hair, an upper lip beard and a chin beard. Compared to his head, his ears are quite small. He wears a light-colored long-sleeved shirt with buttons, a dark coat and a belly band with a leopard pattern.

Skills & Strength

As acting king, Beer VI rules over the kingdom of Roshwan, making him subject to numerous subjects. As Roshwan is a member state of the World Government, Beer VI is also granted the right to attend the World Conference of Kings in Mary Geoise – the Levely.


Shortly before the upcoming Levely, Beer VI and his daughters reached the Red Port. There they rode a Bondola up the Red Line to enter the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, where the Levely was to be held. At the beginning of the Levely he was also present in the conference room and commented on the turmoil caused by Monkey D. Luffy. After the Levely Beer VI left Mary Geoise again for the homeland. All that is known about the outcome so far is that the Samurai of the Seas have been abolished.


  • Beer VI and his kingdom are apparently based on Russia. He dresses like a traditional Russian.

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