Beautiful Pirates

The Beautiful pirate gang has yet to make a full appearance, though it is known that they are a crew of 75. Their captain is the pirate known as White Horse Cavendishwho participated in the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum on Dress Rosa to win the Fire Fruit.

The gang was formed when Cavendish was forced to leave his homeland because his people, due to his beauty, were too distracted from their own duties.

Three years ago the gang managed to penetrate the New World and their captain made a name for himself there, which speaks for a high fighting ability of the Beautiful pirates. However, the fame of the gang and their captain was abruptly interrupted by the Battle of Marine Ford, when the 11 Supernovae of the Worst Generation overshadowed those of the Beautiful pirate gang with their deeds.

Since then, Cavendish has vowed to kill each of them. His relationship with Luffy and Trafalgar Law improved abruptly, however, when Usopp freed him from Sugar’s curse and he, along with the Straw Hat Alliance and several former tournament participants, fought and eventually defeated the Donquixote Pirates.

After the tournament, Cavendish recruited Suleiman, known as the “neck cutter,” who also participated in the tournament, and the Beautiful Pirates joined the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit

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