Beasts Pirates

The Beasts Pirates is under the control of one of the Four Emperors and thus rules over large parts of the New World. It is one of the strongest gangs. The gang of over 500 Devil Fruit users, which came about through Kaidou’s Smile trade with Donquixote Doflamingo. The gang’s headquarters on Onigashima,….


Main representatives

The Main Lepresentatives (jap. 大看板, Ōkanban), usually called All-Stars in the English fan translation or Lead Performers in the official VIZ translation of the Beasts Pirates form the strongest unit after Emperor Kaidou. They hold the highest rank and act as the top commanders of the pirate gang. King, Queen, and Jack are the only ones with this title and are also commonly feared as “disasters” (jap. 災害, Saigai). As it stands so far, each of them is responsible for a region on Wano Country. The fact that Jack has a bounty of a billion berries on his head underscores what level of strength the main representatives must be at.

The Flying Six

The flying six have assembled.

The Flying Six (jap. 飛び六胞, Tobi Roppō), are the strongest stars and currently consist of five people. Since X. Drake has turned out to be a naval spy, he no longer counts as one of the Flying Six, but instead joins the Samurai Alliance. In addition to X. Drake, Who’s Who and Sasaki were also pirate captains of their own crew before joining Kaidou.

The flying six are directly below the main representatives in the hierarchy of the Beasts Pirates Pirates. If a position with the main representatives becomes vacant, one of the flying six automatically moves up. There is a lot of rivalry within the hierarchy, so Who’s Who and Sasaki, for example, are very eager to become the main representative of the gang themselves.

All members possess Ancient Zoan devil powers.


The Stars (jap. 真打ち, Shin’uchi), called Headliners in the official and other English fan translations, are high-ranking commanders who report to the main representatives. Those who join the gang and are strong can quickly rise to stardom. X. Drake and Basil Hawkins, for example, have risen to star status in a very short time. However, star strength seems to be subject to wide fluctuations. While Holdem or Dobon could be defeated quite quickly by Luffy, Hawkins gave Luffy and Zoro more trouble.

The Gifters (jap. ギフターズ, Gifutāzu) are the soldiers who were equipped with the artificial Smile Devil Fruits and were lucky enough, unlike the Pleasures, to be among the ten percent who were granted an ability. Individual body parts transformed into their animal component when consumed – for example, a hand into a crab hand. Kaidou planned to build a large army of Zoan users through Donquixote Doflamingo’s Smile Devil Fruit, but this was stopped by the intervention of the Straw Hat Pirates and Law.

The Gifters include a separate armored unit (Jap. 装甲部隊, Sōkō Butai) led by Sasaki. Among them are members with hard-to-break defenses, including a crab, hedgehog, rhinoceros horn, and atlas beetle smile. In addition, there are a variety of men equipped with bazookas and shields.


The Pleasures (jap. プレジャーズ, Purejāzu) make up the foot soldiers of the pirate gang, and each of them wears a small horn on their head. They once ate from a failed Smile Fruit, which is why they were not granted any ability and were instead robbed of their emotion expressions for anger and sadness.


The Waiters (jap. ウェイターズ, Weitāzu), on the other hand, are still waiting to eat a Smile fruit and hopefully gain special abilities. However, since Smile production has been halted by Luffy and co, there will be no more supplies, though the Waiters don’t seem to realize that yet.


Three of the Numbers.

The Numbers (jap. ナンバーズ, Nanbāzu) are a fearsome troupe in Kaidou’s pirate gang. Related to the card game motif, they obviously take the numbers, partly due to the name of their grouping as such, and partly due to a number hidden in each of their names. They were originally created on Punk Hazard as Ancient Giants and purchased by Kaidou. However, the Numbers are considered a failure for reasons as yet unknown. Nonetheless, as representatives of their species, they are of enormous size, ranking in a similar size category to Oars – making them roughly three times the size of a normal giant.

Their weapons are spiked Kanabōs (note: needs link), or variations thereof, which more closely resemble a morning star. They also each possess pointed fangs and a large pair of horns that protrude from their heads. With these they take on a more demon-like appearance than human, more specifically they take the form of Oni. Except for Hatcha, the kanji for oni (鬼) is actually found in their names as well. In general, the Numbers seem rather simple-minded and unintelligent due to their facial expressions and behavior, as they also haven’t spoken any sentences besides their distinctive laughter.

According to Queen, they also all have a drinking problem. In this state, they seem to attack anyone within their reach, regardless of allies or enemies. Combined with their immense size and brutal attack power, this makes them an unpredictable threat that is also seemingly difficult for the Beast Pirates to keep under control. Exactly what place they hold in the hierarchy of the pirate gang is not yet known, but it is safe to assume that their size and attack power place them at least above the common foot soldiers (Gifters, Pleasures, Waiters). When they returned to Wano Country with Scratchmen Apoo to attend the upcoming Fire Festival, two small children spotted the Numbers and feared being eaten by them.


The Marys with their masks.

The Mary’s (jap. メアリーズ, Mearizu) are a surveillance unit of Onigashima. They are easily recognizable by the paper mask they all wear in front of their face, with a large eye painted on it. Through this, their members can transmit alien sounds and voices and each other’s gaze to other Marys, as well as communicate with each other. The Marys consist of both humans and cyborg animals.

The cyborg animals include mice and cats, for example, which allows them to act inconspicuously and to reach the farthest corners of Kaidou’s castle. Of the human Marys, only Bao Huang and Caimanlady are known by name.

The name is a pun on Me Ari (目あり), which translates to “with eyes”.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Capt:Kaidou4.611.100.000Fish fruit, model: Blue dragon
(main representative)
King1.390.000.000Dinosaur fruit, model: Pteranodon
(main representative)
Queen1.320.000.000Dinosaur fruit, model: Brachiosaurus
(main representative)
Jack1.000.000.000Elephant fruit, model: Mammoth
Star & Flying Six:Page One290.000.000Dinosaur fruit, model: Spinosaurus
Star & Flying Six:Black Maria480.000.000Spider Fruit, Model: Rosamygale Grey Birdie
Star & Flying Six:Sasaki472.000.000Dinosaur fruit, model: Triceratops
Star & Flying Six:Ulti400.000.000Dinosaur fruit, model: Pachycephalosaurus
Star & Flying Six:Who’s Who546.000.000Cat fruit, model: saber tooth tiger
Star:SheepsheadunknownSheep smile
Star:GinrummyUnknownunknown by name (Smile)
Star:HoldemUnknownLion Smile
Star:SpeedUnknownHorse Smile
Star:DobonUnknownHippo Smile
Star:BabanukiUnknownElephant Smile
Star:DaifugoUnknownScorpio Smile
Star:SolitaireUnknownMonkey Smile
Star:BriscolaUnknownGorilla Smile
Star:Four tricksUnknownChicken Smile
Star:HamletUnknownGiraffe Smile
Star:MizerkaUnknownGorilla Smile
Star:PokerUnknownRattlesnake Smile
Number (4):JakiUnknownUnknown
Number (5):GokiUnknownUnknown
Number (7):NangiUnknownUnknown
Number (8):HachaUnknownUnknown
Number (10):JukiUnknownUnknown
Gifter:AlpacamanUnknownAlpaca Smile
Gifter, Mary:Bao HuangUnknownGiant Slippery Squirrel Smile
Gifter:BatmanUnknownBat Smile
Gifter, Mary:CaimanladyUnknownCayman Smile
Gifter:DachomanUnknownOstrich Smile
Gifter:GazellemanUnknownGazelle Smile
Gifter:MadillomanUnknownArmadillo Smile
Gifter:MousemanUnknownMouse Smile
Gifter:RabbitmanUnknownRabbit Smile
Gifter:SarahebiUnknownSnake Smile
Gifter:SnakemanUnknownSnake Smile
Position unknown:YamatoUnknownDog Fruit, Model: Okuchi no Makami
Allied pirate gangs:
RibbonCaptainCaptain’s bountyDevil Fruit
Big Mom Pirates
4 Emperor:Charlotte Linlin4.388.000.000Soul Fruit
Subordinate pirate gangs:
RibbonCaptainCaptain’s bountyDevil Fruit
Drake Pirates
Star & Flying Six:X. Drake (Undercover for Marine)222.000.000Dinosaur Fruit, Model: Allosaurus
Hawkins Pirates
Star:Basil Hawkins320.000.000Straw Fruit
On Air Pirates
Informant:Scratchmen Apoo350.000.000Sound Fruit
Other Allies:
Shogun of Wano Country:Kurozumi OrochiUnknownSnake Fruit, Model: Yamata no Orochi
Orochi Oniwabanshu
Smile Supplier:Donquixote Doflamingo340.000.000 formerlyThread Fruit
ScientistsCaesar clown300.000.000Gas Fruit


  • The names of the ranks are derived in part from Japanese theaters, in keeping with the structure of the Wano Country arc.
  • The Beasts Pirates has the highest combined bounty of all known pirate gangs as of today, though within the Big Mom Pirates, the Red Hair Pirates, as well as the Blackbeard Pirates, for example, the bounties of some of the big names are still unknown.

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