Bazookas are usually larger handguns with medium range and quite a wide radius of destruction. In the pirate world of One Piece, it is of course logical that this weapon is very popular. Especially the members of the navy (e.g. unnamed naval officers) often make use of this very effective weapon against masses of enemies. However, other organizations and gangs such as the Franky Family are also largely equipped with bazookas. Besides swords and pistols, they are the most commonly used weapon of all.


Characters listed here are known by name and have used a bazooka during the course of the series.
Missing characters with bazookas are to be reported on the discussion page.

Absalom’s Bazookas
See: Absalom’s Attacks (Corpse Hands)Gecko Moria’s commander Absalom used the power of his Invisibility Fruit(Suke Suke no Mi) to hide two small Bazookas, which he had attached to his forearms, from his opponents, making them think he could explode them just like that, when in fact it was only the aforementioned Bazookas that were to blame.This didn’t help him in the fight with Sanji, as the latter knew of his abilities and was able to take victorious action before he too became another victim of the “Invisible Man”.
Straw Hat Pirates Bazookas (Movie 10)
In the movie Strong World, the entire Straw Hat Pirates (with the exception of Nami) unusually carried bazookas when they attacked Shiki’s palace.After Nami was kidnapped by Shiki and taken to Merveille, the rest of the gang attempted to retrieve their navigator. To do this, the pirate gang carried several bazookas to take out Shiki’s men. When all the ammunition was fired, they simply threw it away.
Bill’s Bazooka (TV Special)
Bill, leader of the Silver Pirate Alliance in the New World ate of the Boiling Fruit. Since then, he can melt materials, such as ore, by eating them. In his body, he can then forge the materials into weapons, for example.Thus, he created a bazooka in battle against Luffy. However, the Straw Hat Captain destroyed the projectile and knocked Bill into the underground labyrinth on Silver Mine.
Curiel’s Bazookas
Curiel is the commander of the 10th division of the Whitebeard gang. Among other things, he fights with two bazookas, which he carries on his back.At the great battle of Marine Ford, Curiel was present with his crew. He was one of the commanders who fought at the head of the onrushing Whitebeard pirates. He later faced Moria, attacking Moria with a giant pistol. However, the outcome of the fight was unclear. As the action progressed, Curiel attempted to breach the Marine’s defensive wall with his bazookas, but failed.Finally Curiel attacked Akainu with his bazooka and tore off half of his torso, but the Logian user didn’t mind. A short time later he was lying on the ground in front of Akainu, badly injured.
Dick’s Bazooka (Filler)
The bandit Dick uses an oversized bazooka to fight. At the time when Roronoa Zoro was not yet part of the Straw Hat Pirates and was making his way as a “pirate hunter”, Dick’s men attacked a village that was defended by Johnny and Yosaku without a chance. Against the extreme penetrating power of the bazooka, it was only with Zoro’s assistance that they were able to do anything, even eventually achieving victory.
Franky’s Bazooka
Cutty Framm, aka Franky, once tried to save his teacher Tom, who was being taken to Enies Lobby on the sea train “Puffing Tom”. In doing so, he stood on the tracks and shot at the train with a bazooka. However, this did no good and Franky was simply hit. He later converted himself into a cyborg. In the process, he also integrated similar weapons such as the grenade launcher and Weapons Left.
Genbo’s bazooka
Genbo, one of the strongest fighters of Shandia, possesses a special bazooka whose bullets don’t explode but become dangerous projectiles just because of their mass. Since there is actually no iron or anything comparable in heaven, his weapon must be something special.During the fight for survival at the Upper Yard, he encountered Corporal Yama, who stood up to fight. Genbo fired a bullet at God’s servant, but he simply kicked it back at Genbo with his foot, who was seriously injured, but not yet completely defeated.
Jalmack’s bazooka
Jalmack, a world aristocrat who docked in the kingdom of Goa in 1512, also used a bazooka. This resembles a rifle in its grip. When Sabo left his home island and crossed the path of Jalmack’s ship in a small boat with Jolly Roger, the latter took a bazooka and shot the boy’s ship twice, so that it ultimately sank.
Komei’s Bazooka (TV Special)
Vice Admiral Komei used a bazooka in the fight against Luffy.
Mr. 9s & Miss Wednesdays Bazookas
The two Frontier Agents from Crocodile’s former mafia organization Mr. 9 and Vivi aka Miss Wednesday were armed with bazookas as they tried to capture the giant whale Laboon.Mr. 9 and his partner Miss Wednesday had sneaked into the interior of Laboon to kill the whale and his doctor and friend Crocus, so they could bring him to Whisky Peak. However, they were surprised by Luffy, who ruined their plan. Still, they wanted to kill the whale and shot at its stomach wall. However, Crocus threw himself in the way and intercepted the bullets. The agents then befriended the Straw Hat Pirates.
Mounblutain’s bazooka
Mounblutain, a member of the Fake Straw Hat Pirates posing as Usopp, also used a bazooka. This one is relatively small and handy.After the hoax was exposed and the remaining Fake Straw Hat members were captured by Caribou as well as Coribou, they begged for their lives. However, Coribou was already preparing their graves to bury them alive. Caribou, with the help of his devil powers, grabbed Drip, Fake-Sanji, whereupon Mounblutain grabbed his bazooka and fired at him. However, this had no effect and he too was eventually defeated.
Pagaya’s Bazooka
Pagaya is also in possession of a bazooka. His daughter Conis took it after his supposed death.When Conis tried to warn the residents of Angel Beach of God Enel’s plan to wipe out Sky Island and no one believed her, she pointed the bazooka at a member of the White Berets. She then put it down and announced that she would no longer recognize Enel as ruler. It was only at this point that people believed her, as no more “punishment” was carried out.
Patty’s lobster bazooka
See: Patty’s Attacks (Food Poisoning Meatball)As a “fighting chef” at the seaside restaurant Baratié, Patty is prepared for any kind of pirate. For this reason, he has a “lobster cannon” ready for special cases.He used it after Don Krieg had been supplied with food by Sanji and then counterattacked. The latter was very surprised and disappeared behind a huge cloud of dust. However, the attack, as later revealed, had no effect, because the gold armor of the “Godfather” had offered the best protection.
Rindos Bazooka
Rindo, an Amazon Lily Kuja tribe Amazon, also uses a bazooka. She is the only Amazon so far to resort to such a weapon. However, the Kuja pirate uses a kind of harpoon as ammunition.However, Rindo has not yet been shown in action with her bazooka.
Scorpions Arm Bazooka (Filler)
The family man Scorpion claimed about himself to be a notorious bounty hunter. Although that was a lie, he did possess a considerable arsenal of weapons. Among them was a special bazooka that could shoot red spiked bullets, which exploded only a few seconds after impact.This cannon was his last attempt to capture Whitebeard’s commander Portgas D. Ace to feed his children with the bounty. However, his attack failed and he even had to be rescued by “Firefist” Ace in the end.
Shepherd’s Bazooka (Filler)
Marine Inspector Shepherd is also in possession of an exceedingly large cannon. This one bears the name Eagle Launcher.
Shuzo’s Bazooka (TV Special)
Shuzo, a member of Zephyr’s Neo Marine, also uses a Bazooka. However, this bazooka is his pet Alpacacino. The bazooka was equipped with powers from the Alpaca Fruit.
Tilestone’s battleship cannon
See: Tilestone’s AttacksThe chief craftsman of Dock No. 1, Tilestone, is able to operate a ship’s cannon with only one hand due to his high physical strength. The cannon found particular use on the court island of Enies Lobby, where he was able to take out dozens of marines with one shot while the Straw Hats fought their way to Nico Robin.
Wypers Burn Bazooka
See: Wyper’s Attacks“Battle Devil” Wyper has equipped his already dangerous Bazooka with an additional gas dial. By letting the gas escape and igniting it with a glowing cigarillo, for example, he creates a jet of flame that can even puncture trees of the Upper Yard.His “flamethrower” is used in almost every one of his fights. Still, the attack was unsuccessful against the giant boa Nora.
Zambai’s bazooka
See: Zambai’s AttacksProbably the most famous member of the “Dismantler” group besides ex-leader Franky, Zambai, like many others of the gang, also uses a bazooka. However, he believes that he doesn’t necessarily need to use it for shooting, as it’s also great for hitting the enemy. On Enies Lobby, he faced off against Marine soldiers using this combat technique, which he was able to defeat in considerable numbers.


The bazooka unit of the Impel Downs…
  • Monkey D. Luffy has in his attack repertoire the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka as well as many variations of it.
  • The Impel Down has a 1,000-strong bazooka unit (jap. 監獄弾バズーカ部隊, Kangokudan Bazūka Butai).

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