Bayan Pirates

This pirate gang only appears in the 2nd TV special. Their goal was to get the treasure of Amanda’s father. Furthermore, this pirate gang is in possession of two ships, namely the main ship and Zap’s ship. The gang is very musically oriented, so Bayan uses a choir as a weapon and the food table on the ship is a piano grand.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 2 – Open to the Wide Sea! One Father’s Huge, Huge Dream.


After Amanda and her two siblings Milia and Horie, as well as Max and Bonney, escaped, Zap was forced to pursue them. He finally found them on an island, had Amanda kidnapped and brought back to his ship. In the process, Zap also immediately captured Luffy, as he sleepily crashed into him.

When Zap arrived at the main ship with the captives Luffy and Amanda, the first thing he did was have a conversation with Bayan. They talked about the island where the treasure was, and eventually Bayan ordered Amanda to be brought in and set sail. Later, Bayan, Amanda, and Luffy ate together on the piano. To prevent Luffy from continuing to eat so much, Bayan’s men stood on the choir stand and sang under Bayan’s direction, causing Luffy to lose control of his movements. Using this method, he also eventually got Amanda to reveal the treasure map on her back.

Since the treasure map pointed to the island where the Straw Hat Pirates was still located, Bayan set course for it. Under the influence of Bayan’s chorus, Luffy attacked his comrades, however Usopp silenced the chanting club with sleeping bullets. Shortly after, Bonney and Max were attacked by Zap, however Zap and Bayan met the same fate at the hands of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit

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