Baxcon of One Piece

Baxcon is a dwarf from Tontatta. He is part of the dwarven reconnaissance unit with Inhel, Wicca, Cotton and Daikon and took part in “Operation SOP”. After the liberation of Dress Rosa, he joined Leo and the Tontatta pirates.


Baxcon belongs to the dwarf species and thus has a small body that fits on the palm of a human adult. Compared to most of his fellow dwarves, however, he is somewhat taller and, above all, more muscularly built, as evidenced by his muscular, broad neck, among other things. In addition, his pronounced cheekbones stand out. He has a very thick brown full beard and thick eyebrows, somewhat reminiscent of antlers in shape. The hair on his head is shaped into a mohawk with the sides completely shaved off. He covers his body only with red pants with a black waistband, as well as black boots. On his wrists he wears black bracelets decorated with grey studs. In his right hand he can usually be seen holding a lance. Like all known dwarves, Baxcon has a large and bushy tail.


Not much is known about Baxcon’s personality, as he is a quiet contemporary among dwarves. However, similar to most of his peers, Baxcon also reacts very emotionally to situations, such as being startled when he heard that Franky and Zoro belonged to the legendary hero Usopp. Likewise, he took his commander Kyros’ speech just as emotionally. On the other hand, he is a very proud member of the “Riku Army” and was willing to die to accomplish the mission, so he bought the toy soldier time to escape.

Skills and Strength

Baxcon, like all dwarves, has tremendous physical strength for his diminutive size, allowing him to literally ram a human into the ground, as well as the ability to move at lightning speed so that a human eye cannot even see him. Together with Nubon and Daikon, he also managed to stop Lao G for a moment.


Operation SOP

The reconnaissance team reports

Baxcon first appeared during the meeting to overthrow Doflamingo at the headquarters of the “Riku Army” under the Flower Mound on Dress Rosa. He was seen alongside his colleagues from the reconnaissance unit, Cotton and Inhel, as they shared the information they had gained with their commander, the one-legged toy soldier. After Inhel told of the legendary hero Usopp infiltrating Dress Rosa with the Straw Hats, and also revealed that the Zoroland and Fraland present belonged to it, Baxcon was shocked. The liberation of their 500 kind, who were forced to help produce the Smile fruit in the Smile factory, seemed within reach. A little later, when said hero Usopp arrived along with Robin and the rest of the army members from the Tontatta Kingdom, their commander began to explain the plan they had spent a year preparing. The mission was christened “Dress Rosa Operation SOP” and aimed to take out one of Doflamingo’s commanders, Sugar, as she was responsible for turning people into toys. Should she fall, all the prisoners would change back and join them in the fight against Doflamingo – or so it was hoped.

Baxcon and co. against Lao G.

When the army reached the underground port, it split into two groups, so one group would carry out the plan to eliminate Sugar, while another group, led by the Toy Soldier, would infiltrate the royal palace and take out Doflamingo once the former achieved its goal. Baxcon joined the group led by the Toy Soldier towards the palace. However, already in the elevator that would take them to their destination, they encountered an officer of the Donquixote Pirates, the member of the Karo unit Lao G, and it seemed that they were heavily outnumbered against him. While things didn’t look good for Leo’s group against Trébol and Sugar, nothing seemed to go according to plan for Baxcon and his group either, so the elevator reached the royal palace, but they were still outnumbered by their opponent. It wasn’t until the palace began to shake from Pica’s confrontation with Luffy that the dwarves were able to take their chance and hold Lao G down on the ground, allowing their commander to move on. At first he refused to leave Baxcon, Daikon, and Nubon behind, but he became convinced that completing the mission was the most important thing and everyone was willing to sacrifice their lives for it.

The Birdcage

Dress Rosa in the Birdcage

The one-legged toy soldier was thus able to rush to Doflamingo and the plan to eliminate Sugar also succeeded through Usopp, so the toy soldier Kyros, transformed back into his original form, attacked the tyrant Dress Rosas, but was defeated by him. Incensed by Sugar’s defeat, Doflamingo, through his devil power, locked the entire island in a giant birdcage that would continue to close and wipe out the inhabitants, now that they had all learned the truth. The still unconscious Baxcon was found along with his two accomplices by Kinemon and they left the palace. The group reached the old royal plateau and met former king Riku Doldo III as well as Viola. While Leo and Kabu accompanied Rebecca to find Luffy, the rest of the dwarves joined Franky to destroy the Smile Factory for good. Bian, Inhel, and Wicca sent a message to the trapped dwarves, causing them to rebel and open the doors. This allowed Franky, Baxcon, and company to eventually infiltrate the factory. Joyfully the news reached the dwarves that their princess, Mansherry, could be freed by Leo and Kabu and finally Señor Pink succumbed to his adversary Franky and the Smile factory could be destroyed. Everyone now tried to escape from the shrinking birdcage, running into Zoro, Kinemon, and Kanjuro. They all joined Zoro’s plan to stop the birdcage by pushing a piece of the sea stone made factory against the cage with all their might. They actually managed to make the birdcage slow down, but in the end, only Luffy’s victory against Doflamingo could make the birdcage stop and save the people of Dress Rosa.

The End of Tyranny

Aiding the escape

While the Navy Admiral Fujitora was kneeling and publicly apologizing to Riku Doldo III for the Navy looking the other way, the commander of the “Riku Army” gave a speech to his people, who received it very emotionally and then saluted him. However, as their heroes, the Straw Hats, were about to depart, the marines were ordered to arrest them. The dwarves, however, could not allow this, and helped them to escape, for instance, by stealing the gunpowder for their weapons, or, as in the case of Leo, by whose side Baxcon was to be seen, by binding their ships together so that they were disabled.

The formation of the Tontatta Pirates

Some time after the departure of the Straw Hats, as well as the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Leo formed the Tontatta Pirates, which Baxcon joined. Thus, he was first seen as a member when the people of Dress Rosa presented the dwarf pirates with a ship, the Lysoland, for their work in rebuilding Dress Rosa.

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