Battler of One Piece

Count Butler is the main antagonist in Movie 3 and was after the crown treasure.


Count Butler as a monster

Count Butler’s appearance bears little resemblance to a human. He has pale, almost white skin and purple lips. The lower eye area is rimmed with black. His hairstyle is also a bit odd, namely he wears a red mohawk and has normal brown hair. Butler is thickly built and wears a dark yellow coat with red and black stripes on the inside. He wears a white collared scarf with his shirt. Curiously, he has no belt, but a ribbon tied into a bow instead of a buckle. His trousers are kept short, and he still wears brown boots. Butler is also often seen with a violin.

As a monster, the count was quite large and had brown fur. He had several horns that glowed golden, and there were also red patterns on his body.


Butler is a ruthless man who was not afraid to kill his colleague because of the treasure. He didn’t even care that the murdered man’s son was watching. To get the treasure, he even instructed his henchmen to cut off the horns of helpless animals so that he could eat them. The reason for this was because he thought the crown treasure was the horns of the island animals from Crown Island. Butler also has a habit of being bad at keeping a secret. By his own admission, Butler detests pirates and refers to them as an inferior pack.

Skills and strength

Count Butler’s Extendable Axe

His favorite weapon is a rattle with a blade hidden inside. He also used it to murder Mobambi’s father. It is not directly a weapon, but can still be dangerous for his opponent: the Wild Beast Violin. With its help he can control the Horned Beasts, which are quite dangerous in a pack. He developed the violin himself. He also claims to be an inventor, zoologist and treasure hunter. After taking the horns of the Kirin Lion to himself, he became a monster. With his massive horns, he even managed to impale Luffy. Despite everything, he eventually lost to him.


Mobambi’s father is murdered

He and Mobambi’s father were zoologists and colleagues. But unlike Mobambi’s father, who wanted to protect the animals on Crown Island, Count Butler was searching for the mystical power of the Crown Treasure. Because of Mobambi’s father hiding the secret of the crown treasure from him, Count Butler attacked him and killed him. He was the reason Mobambi was shipwrecked and the cause of Mobambi’s scar on his chest and hatred of pirates.


The hunt for the treasure

Butler vs Luffy

When Count Butler was first seen, he was in the process of controlling the horn-eaters with his violin, who then trampled the island animals. Heavy and Hotdog then cut off the animals’ horns so Butler could eat them. Shortly after, the Straw Hat Pirates appeared and conversation ensued with them. Unable to keep the secret about the crown treasure to himself, he sicced the Horned Eaters on the Straw Hat Pirates. Later, he reappeared just as he was searching the cabin of Mobambi’s father’s shipwreck and found his logbook. In it were records of the treasure, namely it would be the horns of the Beast King. This actually meant the horns of Kirin Lion, but since Chopper was the current Beast King, Butler went after him. Butler also caught him a little later, but Mobambi came along. Mobambi’s plan was to use Kirin Lion’s horns to trick Butler, but it failed. Luffy, however, saved them both, which caused the Count to accidentally get his hands on the horns and eat them. This turned him into a monster, though he was defeated by Luffy shortly after.


  • As an unintended side effect, he is able to hypnotize not only the horn eaters with his violin, but Luffy as well.
  • He likes to eat the horns of horned animals with mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.
  • On the back of his cloak is the character (aku) for evil.
  • In One Piece – Stampede, his profile can be seen along with his bounty.

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