Battle Smasher

The Battle Smasher (バトルスマッシャー, Batoru Sumasshā) is Zephyr’s prosthetic arm that he received to replace his right arm.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Z (2012).


Zephyr’s prosthetic underneath the Battle Smasher.

Smasher is a gigantic metal arm with three curved “fingers” large enough to hold a full-grown person. From the outside, the arm resembles a Gatling gun, but it has a massive cannon inside. Holding the Smasher together are large screws on the wrist. It is attached to Zephyr’s right elbow and to his shoulder via an artificial arm. Additionally, the arm is connected to his torso by two ropes for extra support. It can only be taken down with the help of a special key, which can also make it a hazard as it affects Zephyr’s speed. Inside the Smasher is another pitch-black prosthetic arm, which looks like a normal arm.


Smasher represents not only an artificial arm, but also a powerful weapon. Since the weapon is made of sea stone, it is a dangerous tool especially when fighting with Devil Fruit users. Thus, he was able to duel with Borsalino without the use of Haki, and he was also able to deal a heavy blow to Luffy with it. Since sea stone is also harder than diamond, it also makes an excellent shield. Inside the arm, there is also a machine gun and a cannon.


Zephyr gets his new arm.

At the age of 65, Z was attacked by a very powerful pirate who not only killed his entire crew, except for Ain and Bins, but also cut off Z’s right arm. Navy scientists now worked for five years to develop him a suitable prosthetic. At the age of 70 he finally got the Battle Smasher as a replacement and immediately started using it as a weapon against pirates with devil powers. Even after he left the navy and founded the Neo Marine, he kept it as a weapon.


Smasher ultimately servesas a tombstone for Z.

Smasher was also his weapon of choice during his quest to destroy the New World. Thus, he used it during the battles against Admiral Kizaru and Luffy. During Z and Luffy’s final battle on Piriodo, the latter finally managed to punch a fist-sized hole in the Smasher, causing it to eventually shatter. After Zephyr sacrificed his life fighting Kizaru and his forces, the remains of his Smasher were gathered by Ain and Bins to use as a tombstone for Zephyr’s grave.

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