Batman of One Piece

Batman is a pirate and subordinate of Emperor Kaidou. He belongs to the Gifters and is subordinate to the Star Holdem.


Batman, unlike his partner Gazelleman, does not have a muscular body, but is rather roundish in build. Like many of Kaidou’s subordinates, he wears a mask as well as a black jacket and black gloves. Since his weapon of choice seems to be the bow, he also has a quiver of arrows strapped across his shoulders on his back.


Batman faithfully follows his commanders. He attacks Tsuru without warning after she speaks ill of Shogun Orochi. At the same time, he is extremely confident of his fighting abilities and is puzzled by how Zoro was able to fend off his hail of arrows.

Skills and strength

As part of the Gifters, he has eaten from a Smile fruit that allows him to use certain abilities of bats. For one thing, he can hear six times better than normal humans, and for another, he grows wings from his hip that allow him to fly. Batman also seems to be very adept at using a bow and arrow, as he was able to shoot a hail of arrows at Zoro in no time. This information comes from an anime filler.

In the anime, Batman was able to strengthen his arms with armor haki, blocking an attack from Luffy. He also used haki to attack, strengthening his arrows against Luffy in Udon.


The kidnapping of Tama

Batman and Gazelleman had been tasked with looking out for bandits who had been responsible for stealing food repeatedly lately when they came across Zoro, Luffy, Tsuru, Kiku, and Tama in Okobore. Even from a distance, Batman, who claims to be able to hear up to six times better than a normal human due to eating a Smile fruit, heard bad talk about the Shogun and attacked Luffy’s group. While Zoro stood protectively in front of the group and fended off Batman’s attacks, Gazelleman took the opportunity to kidnap little Tama.

He later encountered Luffy again when he seized Speed’s huge food shipment and delivered it to the impoverished populace. Batman, along with two other Gifters, tried to intervene, but they were largely ignored by Luffy and incapacitated by a huge container of water that the Straw Hat Captain dropped on them. This information comes from an anime filler.

Sumō Tournament in Udon

After Luffy was able to defeat all of the Pleasures, Queen then sent Gifters into the ring and the first two opponents were no strangers. Gazelleman and Batman faced him off, but Luffy was able to defeat them with relative ease while continuing his Haki training.


  • Gazelleman refers to Batman as his brother. However, it is not known if there is an actual relationship between the two.

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