Baterilla is in the Southblue.


Not much is known about this island. In the few pictures shown, however, palm trees were to be seen, so that it could be a tropical island. The hinterland seems to consist of heavily forested mountains. A lighthouse was also shown.


On Baterilla there is at least one small harbour town, where Portgas D. Rouge, among others, spent some time of her life.


As Sengoku told, they were once tipped off that Gol D. Roger was on Baterilla, so they sent marines to the island. At that time, Portgas D. Rouge hid here to protect her unborn child, Gold Roger’s son, whom she carried here for 20 months. After that, Ace was born here, after which Rouge passed away.


  1. One Piece Manga – Thank You! (Volume 56) – Chapter 550 ~ Baterilla is first mentioned before Ace’s execution.

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