Basil Hawkins of One Piece

Basil Hawkins, nicknamed “The Magician“, is the captain of the Hawkins band of pirates. He hails from the Northblue and is one of the 11 supernovae who have converged on the Sabaody Archipelago to advance to the New World. In the meantime, he is also there. After a defeat to Kaidou and the dissolution of the joint alliance with Eustass Kid and Scratchmen Apoo, he is a subordinate of Kaidou at the current time. In addition, like X. Drake, Speed, and Holdem, he is one of Kaidou’s stars and thus only answers to Kaidou himself and his All-Stars.


Before the time jump

Hawkins is a tall man with long blond hair. He has three triangular symbols above each of his eyebrows and a tattoo in the shape of a medieval cross at the bottom of his neck. The cross is also found on his flag and the caps of the members of his crew. His attire consists of a long white cloak, with the neckline and ends of the sleeves tailored in a wavy fashion, under which he wears purple trousers. These are held by a sash, the edges of which are serrated, and over which runs a red cross-line; from the sash also hangs a trinket. His hands are covered by black gloves, and his upper left arm and left shoulder by an armor-like armband. His weapon is a sword with an elaborate pommel, which he carries in his sash.


Hawkins portrays himself as a noble and enigmatic person, such as he has a tendency to predict the fate of everything from items of clothing to other pirates. He remains completely calm regardless of Zoro having just nearly attacked a world aristocrat, and remarks after Zoro’s rescue by Jewelry Bonney that the “shadow of death” was not to be seen over Zoro. He also seems staunchly opposed to gratuitous violence; for example, he stopped a member of his crew who attacked a waiter simply because he spilled spaghetti all over his clothes.

For the most part, Hawkins shows himself to be rather unemotional. Whether a fight with a dangerous opponent is imminent or he’s just having an argument with a rival, he shows no facial emotion whatsoever. Even after it’s announced that an admiral will be coming to the archipelago due to Luffy’s attack on Saint Charlos and his crew wants to flee in a panic, he tells them to cool it since today is not their death day. Later, he also encounters Kizaru, after which the gang tries to get him to flee, but again, his response is that today is not his death day. It turns out that Hawkins is also a very good tactician and can plan ahead, so he had it arranged that not all of Law’s men would be locked in the same cell to prevent Law from freeing them quickly with just a surprise attack.

Abilities and Strength

The Voodoo Power of the “Magician”.

Hawkins often speaks like a fortune teller and is famous for being able to interpret “signs”, being able to calculate the percentage chance of things coming to pass. He uses cards to do this, however it is unknown at the moment exactly how he does it. Likewise, he seems unable to control the cards and is completely devoted to them, even if the cards have negative consequences for him or his subordinates.

He has eaten of the Straw Fruit, which allows him to control straw at will. One of his abilities is to create small voodoo dolls from his body. When he is hit by an attack, he creates these dolls and the people represented by them suffer the damage instead of him. He can also transform into a large, scarecrow-like monster, with nails acting as fingernails or claws. This technique is called“Gouma no Sou” (降魔の相), which means“sight that defeats the devil“. In addition, he uses a special sword called the Warabide, which he can also use to summon and control the giant scarecrow.

He is proficient in armor and observation shaki.

He has been eating from the Straw Fruit, which, among other things, allows him to redirect damage he takes to voodoo dolls and turn into a scarecrow-like monster.

Here is a listing of his attacks:

  • Gouma no Sou
  • Life minus
  • Warabid Sword
  • Straw Man’s Card


On the Sabaody Archipelago

Hawkins in his monster form

Hawkins made his first appearance at a restaurant on the Sabaody Archipelago just as a waiter spilled food on the pants of one of its members. The latter then complained to Hawkins, but the latter replied that it had been a bad day for the other. When it was announced that the Admiral was coming to the archipelago, he was the only one of the Supernovae whose intentions were uncertain. All he said was that his crew “will not fall today.”

Basil is hit by Kizaru

Hawkins later actually met Kizaru as well. While the admiral stood before him, he pulled out his cards:

Fight: probability of defeat is 100%.
Flight: Probability of success is 12%.
Defense: Probability of evasion are 76 %
Survival: Probability of death are 0%
-Hawkins calculates his chances against the Admiral.

Kizaru interrupted this performance and asked Hawkins about Sentomaru, but he was unknown to Hawkins. It was then that the Admiral decided to attack Hawkins, as he could not let a pirate with such a high bounty go. Kizaru hit him twice, but Hawkins survived these attacks unscathed as he used his voodoo dolls. These escaped his arm and redirected the damage to two others. The fight was then interrupted by Urouge, Bartholomew Kuma, and X. Drake, and after the Admiral had cleared Urouge out of the way, and the latter with X. Drake fought what had since turned out to be Pacifista, Kizaru continued to deal with Hawkins. The latter transformed into his monster form, but was blinded by the Admiral, who also noticed that Hawkins’ devil power was not of the Logia type. Hawkins was then nearly killed, only Scratchmen Apoo’s intervention in the fight preventing it. The latter had previously watched the events from a hiding place. Apoo’s devil powers caused the Admiral to explode, but he was able to reassemble himself due to his own. He defeated Apoo and Drake, after which he also finished off Hawkins with an arrow of light.

During the Great Battle

As the battle of the Whitebeard pirate gang and the Impel Down escapees along with Luffy was already in full swing, Hawkins was once again seen on the Sabaody Archipelago watching the TV broadcast of Ace’s execution and determining the likelihood of victory for the united pirates, which was not learned, however. He appeared to have survived the fight without any major injuries. Later, Hawkins and his crew were seen heading toward Fish-Man Island. As they did so, they watched the proceedings on Marine Ford from a distance.

The New World – Fighting Brownbeard

Hawkins confronts Brownbeard

A few weeks after this, Hawkins’ band of pirates arrived at one of Whitebeard’s former islands, which had been taken over by a pirate captain named Brownbeard. Hawkins began to take out the men of Brownbeard’s pirate gang until Brownbeard himself confronted the rookie. He told the mage his name and bounty and explained that this was his territory. Hawkins, who was calmly reading his cards while sitting on a defeated pirate, asked Brownbeard to repeat himself, as he had not understood him. After Brownbeard did so, Hawkins told his opponent how ridiculous he found the title Brownbeard. Hawkins told him that he hated jokes and that the shadow of death had crept over Brownbeard. Hawkins then drew his sword and began to transform into his monster form to fight Brownbeard and his men. Brownbeard’s crew was destroyed, but he himself survived, although Hawkins saw the shadow of death over Brownbeard.

Pirate Alliance

The Alliance faces Kaidou

After the time jump, Hawkins and Apoo had been invited to Eustass Kid’s hideout on an unknown island in the New World. While they waited, Hawkins laid cards and Apoo half-took apart the hideout to avoid a possible trap. The Kid then became angry, whereupon an argument broke out. Hawkins was already about to leave when Killer tried to settle the argument. He explained that the other two pirate captains had been called together to propose an alliance. As the newspaper reported, that alliance came to pass. After the events on Dress Rosa, the alliance was seen debating the events together. To everyone’s satisfaction, the Straw Hat Heart Alliance had it in for Kaidou, as their own target was Shanks of the Redshirt Pirates. A short time later, the entire island shook and they were shocked to discover that they were facing none other than Kaidou. However, Apoo had merely tricked them and deliberately led them to Kaidou, who was always on the lookout for strong underlings. While the Kid and Killer refused, fought him, and were eventually captured, Hawkins submitted to the Emperor.

Wano Country – In Search of the Invaders

Hawkins fightswith Luffy and Zoro

Hawkins set off for Kuri to investigate the report that a foreign ship had docked on the coast. Along the way, the mage confronted Zoro and Luffy. In a fight, Hawkins revealed that he had eaten of the Straw Fruit and engaged in a brief exchange with the two Straw Hats. However, due to literally bad cards, Hawkins had to let the two go. After the exchange of blows, he found himself in the Bakura district along with Kaidou’s stars Speed and Holdem, as well as 30 other subordinates. After Holdem was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy, Hawkins made his way to Luffy to capture him and bring him to Kaidou. Along the way, he was confronted by Trafalgar Law, with whom he engaged in a brief exchange of blows, buying Law enough time for him, Luffy, Zoro, and Tama to escape.

Later, Kaidou himself appeared to take Luffy and Law. However, he threatened to destroy the entire district in his drunken stupor, which is why Hawkins lured him to Oden Castle to prevent harm, which Kaidou then razed to the ground. After Kaidou destroyed the castle and retreated, Hawkins set out to find Law, which he succeeded in doing. As he tried to flee, Hawkins shot him with a sea stone nail, which he said only Wano Country’s forge could create. Just before he could catch him, Law managed to escape, which surprised Hawkins, since sea stone actually slows down Devil Fruit users.

Turmoil in the Capital – In Search of Oden’s Followers

After the banquet held by Orochi erupted in chaos, Hawkins set out to find the followers of Oden who wore a Mikazuki on their ankles, which is why he searched the capital’s bathhouse along with X. Drake searched. There, to his amazement, he encountered Shinobu, Robin, and Nami, who had blown up the banquet. When he recognized and tried to arrest Nami, who had been hiding behind Shinobu, he ripped off her towel and exposed her. However, Sanji, who had been lingering invisibly in the bathhouse in his Raid Suit the entire time, also exposed himself at the sight of Nami.

Due to the commotion and the appearance of “O-Soba-Mask”, X. Drake entered the room, who however fell to the floor from Nami’s naked body, to which Hawkins sarcastically asked if he couldn’t stand the sight of a naked woman. Both recognized the Germa hero “Black Stealth” in Sanji’s Raid Suit, whereupon Sanji fled with the three women. The two stars then patrolled the capital and were later assigned to stand guard at Shimotsuki Yasuie’s execution. After Orochi also tried to shoot his daughter Toko following the execution, the two noticed Sanji and Zoro’s intervention. Hawkins, however, continued to stand guard with the prisoners and encountered Law, to whom he demonstrated his hopeless situation. He held Bepo captive in another location so that Law would have no choice but to allow himself to be captured in return for his friends. He interrogated Law to learn the Alliance’s exact plans, but the latter was ultimately able to incapacitate Hawkins and escape. However, Hawkins revealed why he had joined Kaidou; The alliance with Kid and Apoo was a trap.

Battle on Onigashima

On the day of the Fire Festival, the bandaged Hawkins then found himself on Onigashima. When the turmoil started, triggered by the enemy alliance, X. Drake suggested that this would be a perfect time to backstab the Beast Pirates. However, Hawkins didn’t go for it and laid cards for a special man whose chance of survival until the next day was only 1%. Who’s Who then appeared and asked Drake to help him eliminate Queens. However, this was a trap and as Drake lay beaten up on the ground, Hawkins confronted and accused him of freeing Law. Drake, however, was able to escape.

After the Kid and Killer were kicked off the roof by Big Mom, Hawkins confronted the two. He was fine with Kid moving on and Killer facing him alone, as he didn’t see a good chance for himself against either of them. Killer, on the other hand, he predicted a 92% mortality rate. The Kid was eventually able to continue his battle against Big Mom unhindered.


Hawkins as a child
  • According to the SBS to Volume 52, Basil Hawkins’ name comes from John Hawkins (naval commander), a privateer and cousin of Francis Drake, and from Basil Ringrose (note: needs link). (See also origin of the namings).
  • In terms of character design, he could be based on the musician and drummer Joey Jordison the band Slipknot (band). Hairstyle and especially the characteristic tattoos above the eyes allow this assumption.
  • On his birthday, September 9, the “Day of Divination” (jap. 占いの日, Uranai no Hi) is celebrated in Japan. Hawkins shares the birthday with Shyarly, a fortune teller.
  • In SBS volume 64 and the end credits to One Piece movie Z, Hawkins is seen as a child.
  • In SBS volume 72, Oda shows us what Hawkins would look like if he were female.(Show image [hide])
  • According to the SBS to Volume 81, he prefers to eat fortune cookies while hating meat.
  • In the SBS to Volume 82, Oda announces that Basil Hawkins’ hobbies are interior design and bathing.
  • According to the SBS to Volume 88, Hawkins would be an interior designer from Egypt in the real world.
  • When asked in the SBS to Volume 95 which plant and animal would most resemble Hawkins, Oda answers Black Lily and Horse.

We are – the Age of Pirates!

Between May and June 2011, Weekly Shōnen Jump ran a contest asking readers to come up with the most pithy tagline possible for their favorite series. The contest ran under the name: Catchphrase Grand Prix 2011  キャッチフレーズグランプリ2011, Kyatchi Furēto Guran Puri 2011In September, the winners were finally announced in issue #41. One Piece’s winner was a Kato-san from Aichi Prefecture, with the phrase: “We are – the Age of Pirates!” Eiichiro Oda drew a matching picture following the contest, depicting the supernovae after the two-year time jump. An A3 (29.7 cm × 42 cm) poster print can be purchased at all major Jump stores for 500 ¥. The full artwork can be seen here. Show excerpt by Basil Hawkins.

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