Base of the The Rosy Life Riders

The base of the Tobiuo Riders is a man-made island near Grove 44 of the Sabaody Archipelago. However, it no longer exists at this time.


The base seen from above.

The base of the Tobiuo Riders was built in a circle and had only one small entrance. Since this island was artificially built with great effort, there was no vegetation at all. The base was made entirely of wood. It was located about five kilometers from Grove 44.


The Tobiuo Riders, who built this place, are also the only inhabitants. From time to time the captured “goods” or some helpers came by. The only animals that lived here are the flying fish of the Tobiuo Riders. However, these did not live there naturally, but were brought there by the people.


The base is being destroyed.

Everyone avoids this area as much as possible to avoid being captured and sold by these human traffickers. So the Tobiuo Riders built up a dangerous reputation here. The Macro Gang later allied with them to capture Camie.

As a decoy to catch the mermaid, Hatchan was taken here. So they hoped to lure Camie into a trap, because otherwise she would be too fast.

When Duval got word from some of his people that the Straw Hat Pirates were coming and he was determined to kill Sanji, he didn’t care about Camie, unlike the Macro Gang. He prepared himself for anything to beat the Straw Hats. This included: bombs, steel nets, huge anchors, and even formations such as the “Zero Fight”. Despite everything, he failed to beat the Straw Hats. The base was devastated more and more, until Franky and Usopp completely destroyed the base with the Gaon Cannon. However, since Duval got a facial from Sanji in the form of a Parage Shot, he was no longer angry at him. He left the already useless base and now called his group the Rosy Life Riders. From that point on, they were allies of the Straw Hat Pirates.


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