Barrel of One Piece

Barrel was a member of the Tsumegeri Guards, Arabasta’s elite force.


Barrel was powerfully built and had several tattoos on his face. He wore a dark cloak and a hood with small wings sticking out of it. On his body he had bright yellow armor and had a scarf hanging around his waist. A band could be seen on each of his hands and arms. He was also wearing shorts and sandals.


The entire Tsumegeri Guards was very brave, so they would not even show weakness in battle against a Samurai of the Seas. In order to beat this one and protect their country, they accepted a sacrifice of themselves.

Skills and strength

Barrel, along with the others, was one of the strongest warriors in the land. He fought with two large axes, which required greater muscular strength just by carrying them. Due to the effect of Hercules Water, he became supernaturally strong for a short time.


When the gate to the royal palace was broken open, the soldiers cheered at the arrival of the Tsumegeri Guards. Four of them were going to take on Crocodile, and to win the battle, they had taken Hercules Water. With their weapons and strengthened muscles, they attacked the Samurai of the Seas. Since Crocodile was Logia user, the blows from the weapons had no effect, and their sacrifice had been in vain. A few seconds after the attack, all four died from the effects of the Hercules Water.


  • The names of the members of the Tsumegeri Guards were not revealed until One Piece Blue.
  • Barrel is English and means barrel.

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