Bankuro of One Piece

Bankuro was a member of Gol D. Roger’s pirate gang.


At some unknown point in time, Bankuro joined the Roger pirate gang. Finally, 26 years ago, they had a legendary battle in the New World that lasted three days and three nights. It ended in a draw and Kozuki Oden then joined her gang. They then had many more adventures and embarked on the final journey to reach the rest of the Road-Poneglyph and thus Laugh Tale. However, when they reached their destination and gained knowledge on Laugh Tale, they only laughed.

The news then spread and Roger was named King of the Pirates, but this was also to herald the end of Roger’s band of pirates. The captain was the first to leave the ship after officially announcing the disbandment. Following this, the rest of the gang took Oden to his home in Wano Country. What became of Bankuro after the Roger Pirates disbanded is unknown.


  • His name was not mentioned until the SBS to Volume 96.

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