Banchina of One Piece

Banchina was the mother of Usopp and the wife of Yasopp.


Banchina had shoulder length, straight, dark green hair. Due to the advanced stage of the disease, her facial expression looked severely exhausted and small wrinkles could be seen under her large eyes. She had also passed on the long, pointed nose to her son. As she lay in bed, she wore a top with a light green collar.


Usopp’s mother was a sincere person who always asked her son not to lie when he retold that his father had returned home or that there was a miracle medicine that could cure any illness. Although she did not believe in his return, she loved Yasopp very much and was proud to have married him. Of her son, she wished that he would one day follow in his father’s footsteps as a brave man.


Shortly after Yasopp joined Shanks and became a pirate, Banchina fell to a serious illness that left her bedridden. Little Usopp thought his mother might recover when his father returned. But because this did not happen, he began to run around the village shouting that the pirates were coming. His mother, however, knew that this would not be the case and asked him to stop lying. In tears, Usopp confessed to her that he had no choice but to dream of his father’s return.

Banchina told her son that she was proud of her husband, even though he would certainly not be coming home. She wished for Usopp to one day become as brave a man as his father before she eventually passed away.

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