Banaro Island

Banaro Island is located very close to Water 7 on the Grand Line.


The city

The residents of the town are dressed in Wild West style and the architecture of the town is also very reminiscent of that time.

When the inhabitants of the island learn of the fight between Ace and Blackbeard, they try to leave the town as quickly as possible.


The big event

The Blackbeard gang was on this island when they learned of the events on Enie’s lobby. They had just finished looting one of the island’s towns when they met up with Ace, who had been searching for Blackbeard for a long time because he had murdered one of his comrades from Whitebeard’s crew. As was to be expected, a fight immediately broke out between the two on the island, which devastated the whole island.

Ace lost the fight and was turned over to the Navy by Blackbeard, giving Blackbeard the post of Samurai of the Seas.

Fire vs. Darkness, the battle of Ace vs. Blackbeard


Participant 1Combat ArticleParticipant 2


  • The name of the island is once again a Portmanteau of the two words banana and rock. So all the rocks on the island are shaped like bananas. Info: One Piece Yellow

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