Baltigo Island is located on the Grand Line. It is also called White Earth Island (jap. 白土の島, Shiratsuchi no Shima) and was the headquarters of the revolutionaries.


Balcony of the headquarters

The island and the revolutionaries’ quarters were first seen after the events on Enie’s lobby. Dragon has just been informed of the victory at Centaurea when he sees a wanted poster of Monkey D. Luffy and is informed by a subordinate of the Straw Hat Pirates’ victory over Crocodile and Enie’s lobby. Dragon then goes out for some fresh air and addresses a few words to his son Luffy.

After the revolutionaries freed Tequila Wolf, they brought Nico Robin here because Dragon had been searching for her for many years. Then, when the latest news on the Battle of Marine Ford reached headquarters, and Sabo learned of Portgas D. Ace’s death, he regained his memories. He asked to speak with Dragon regarding the Fire Fruit.

Report on the destruction

Two years later, the revolutionaries returned from their operation on Dress Rosa, however Jesus Burgess was also brought here as a stowaway. He was able to hide in the bilge of a ship after Sabo defeated him. Once on Baltigo, Burgess made contact with Laffitte and Shiryu via a Den-den Mushi. He asked them to locate him and thus the headquarters with his Vivre Card. Shortly after, they heard Luffy’s bounty increase on Baltigo.

Later, the newspapers reported that Baltigo was completely in ruins. By the time the Navy and Cipher Pol got there, the headquarters had already been destroyed by the Blackbeard gang and the revolutionaries were nowhere to be found. They eventually moved their base to the Kingdom of Kamabakka on Momoiro.

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